Reporting & pivoting data in HarmonyPSA


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Reporting & pivoting data in HarmonyPSA

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Steve (HarmonyPSA)

Jimmy: So in the reports tab, what could we find in there?

Steve: Okay so if I look at the reports. The way we've done the reporting in Harmony, the data tends to come out in the form of lists. So I could go in to [0:00:29] my time bookings. And I could specify and filter to find say all my billable bookings for the last month.

So I could say booking date is [0:00:49] this year and I could save this to bookings. I could go straight to this year's bookings, of which, I've got none in this demo system. But if I remove that filter and search for my data, I could also pivot.

So I've got the ability to either [0:01:18] the data that I’ve filtered out or if I wanted to, I could pivot it. And I could say let's find the total billable booking hours of a customer, for example.

So if I say let's try a ticket company, if I look at the total number of hours booked for each company, I could then group pairs and say so [0:01:58] has got the most number of hours booked against it. I could drill down have a look at the details for each of those bookings.

I could do the same. I have a whole bunch of fields that are available to pivot it on. So I could look at the sum of the revenue by time booking, by customer, by employee and so on.

So you have the ability to pivot data, you also have the ability to just drop data out into excel and pivot away from there.