Sales campaign creation & management in HarmonyPSA


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Sales campaign creation & management in HarmonyPSA

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Speaker 1: (HarmonyPSA)

Speaker 1: : Okay. The Sales UI has a few more different things that don't exist in the others because that has sales campaigns.

Speaker 2: : Can we go a little bit through each one of these? Like for example, starting with leads, perhaps.

Speaker 1: : Yeah, sure. No problem.

So if I go to our sales lead list, you can log leads in the system using the API, a typical way to do it. Typically, people have some inquiry form in their websites. You can write an extra few lines of code in the bit of code that's sending the emails. So you've got the inquiry that will post a lead in Harmony.

These leads get aggregated up in sales campaigns. Try to find along some information on it. This is not a very good example but a sales campaign has your leads, the state of your leads, who's working on them, how many sales opportunities have come out of it, and also your overall signed orders. So how many signed orders did you actually get from that sales campaign?

And you can load those leads list straight into Harmony and you can recycle existing customers into leads in sales campaigns.

Speaker 2: : So besides the email form capture to create leads, do you know, off the top of your head, a couple more examples of how someone would go about populating this list of leads?

Speaker 1: : Okay. If I got a sales campaign, I can go to the leads list that are in there and I can bulk create. I can go straight into the bulk create and I can either say all beverage customers, for example, or all of them. I can just choose a whole lot and say create a lead for the selected customers.

I can also filter this down by all the custom fields. So I could have custom fields that say things like what industry they are in, what software do they use, what size their companies are, what [0:02:42] for instance and so forth.

You can then form that information to create more leads or you might want to update leads straight in here, download a template. Download Helpnote that tells you what needs to go in what field and then you can go and upload your leads. Say you can upload hundreds or thousands of these at a time and then you go and choose who's going to work on them.