Sales leads through the sales pipeline in HarmonyPSA


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Sales leads through the sales pipeline in HarmonyPSA

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Steve (HarmonyPSA)

Jimmy: So once a lead has been created, what is an example of a workflow that this lead might go through?

Steve: This lead might have been assigned to myself. A typical flow is you would call them and add a post saying, "Spoke to this guy. He said to call back the next week," and then I might create a follow-up, "Chase this chap." And I'll say it's due on the 19th. And then the 19th will come around, it will pop up in my dashboard and I will give him a call.

Jimmy: Are you also getting email notifications for all of these notifications in the dashboard?

Steve: Absolutely. Yeah.

Jimmy: Okay, great.

Steve: Actually, it emails you in the morning, saying these are all the things that you've got to do today. So I could say, "Looks like he's interested," and at this point, if I wanted to, I'll [0:01:34] following this because I've updated it, I could create a sales opportunity. I might say at this point, I'll say what's going to be sold.

Jimmy: Okay.

Steve: I could put some information in and that would go and create an opportunity. I've not set it right. I've not actually assigned it to anybody and I meant to do it. But that would then create a sales opportunity. You could go into the sales opportunity functionality directly if you want to do it and just go quick Create Opportunity.

So you don't have to create a lead but it's so typical and [0:02:29] for the sales side. So that leads are things where it's not necessarily an opportunity to sell something to somebody and it looks like there's an opportunity to actually sell somebody what you can put a value on it and you create an opportunity for it and it will be on your sales pipeline.

So at this point, there's a stage it's at and you've got a probability of that happening and expect it happening by the end of the month and so forth and so on. This all comes out in the sales pipeline reporting.