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Time tracking & scheduling in HarmonyPSA

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Steve (HarmonyPSA)

Steve: The idea of this menu is tasks or business tasks that need doing. These are all things that need doing to move business forward.

Jimmy: Okay. This would be more along the lines of project management then, right in here.

Steve: That's right. There'll be quotes to approve. There'll be tickets that need doing. There'll be opportunities that need chasing. There'll be stacks of things appearing in your inbox and when those things get overdue, they appear over here.

Jimmy: So multiple team members will be assigning, completing tasks to one another and all these stuff?

Steve: That's right.

Jimmy: Okay.

Steve: So if you have a look in say one of these, in my tasks, I've got time I need to book so I can guarantee my time sheets and go about my time within my time sheets.

You can see here in the time sheets, I've booked time against different contracts that would need billing, different rates. I can easily add more time bookings in here and so forth and so on.

Also in the time area, you can manage absences and vacations in there so I can request absences and they give it to my line manager whenever I have a vacation.

Jimmy: So we can also employee scheduling from within here?

Steve: Yes, absolutely.

So if you go into the team schedule here, [0:01:44] with very little in it. But if I'm going to set a team with a few more people in, you can see your people in the team, a week's long top and you can see what people are booked out to do.

According to this, I have not a very busy company here. Normally, this would be full of bookings against the different people in the team and you can navigate from this straight to the object you booked now for the day.