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INSIDeR Issuer Edition

Compliance risk management solution

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INSIDeR Issuer Edition overview

INSIDeR Issuer is a web-based, special-purpose compliance risk management application. Minimize the risk of insider trading and misuse of insider information ith INSIDeR Issuer. Maintain compliance records and apply various anti-market abuse compliance procedures, checks and controls provided by applicable legislation or Internal Insider Policy. Suitable for listed companies of every type and size, regardless of applicable EU jurisdiction or the stock exchange.


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INSIDeR Issuer Edition features

Compliance Management

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Key features of INSIDeR Issuer Edition

  • List on company insiders
  • Project-based insiders lists
  • Pre-clearance and post-trade reporting
  • Extensive reporting for FSA-s
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For Senior Management

* Protect the value and reputation of your company, avoid being the next in major insider scandal
* Improve governance standards
* Multiply the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of your compliance risk management
* Make compliance procedures, checks, and controls simple and convenient to follow for everyone
* Provide true protection against risks of unintentional compliance failure by managers and employees
* Increase the level of trust from investors and stakeholders

For Risk Management and Personnel in Charge of Legal and Compliance

* Provide a high-level compliance service to company insiders
* Save time on manual work and be more effective by using effective workflows, automatic data processing and notifications on various business events
* Improve the quality of compliance records by replacing spreadsheets with modern special purpose software
* Sleep well knowing your compliance records data is safe with automatic backup procedures
* Delegate data processing duties to employees in local business units or subsidiaries