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Kodiak Rating

Supplier Relationship Management SaaS

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Kodiak Rating overview

Kodiak Rating is a supplier relationship management SaaS designed to simplify business sourcing, procurement, sustainability and supply chain strategies. Kodiak Rating functions by streamlining the compilation of tailored supplier assessments, analyzing answers and then rating suppliers so users can optimize supplier quality, compliance and performance.


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United States, China, Europe, Germany

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English, Chinese (Simplified), Danish, French, German and 3 other languages, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish
Kodiak Rating screenshot: View supplier ratings & performance, through Kodiak Rating's Supplier World OutlookThis is Kodiak RatingKodiak Rating screenshot: The individualized Supplier Insight Report contains concise supplier information & supplier analysis for each supplierKodiak Rating screenshot: See how suppliers rate in various assessment areas, & gain a quick overview to compare supplier & category performanceKodiak Rating screenshot: Build a basis for complete insight into supplier financial historyKodiak Rating screenshot: Generate SafeSource ratingKodiak Rating screenshot: Generate Sustainability & Governance rating

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Kodiak Rating features

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Additional information for Kodiak Rating

Key features of Kodiak Rating

  • 360 degree supplier insight
  • Ratings
  • Response tracking
  • Checklists
  • Report templates
  • Key performance insight assessment
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Allows users to view supplier ratings and performance through Supplier World Outlook.
Provides a quick overview to compare supplier and category performance.
Supports supplier self-assessment.
Facilitates on-site auditing.
Offers financial analytics powered by Dun & Bradstreet.