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Localvore overview

What is Localvore?

Economic Technology Systems created a web based application called Localvore which is an affordable, high quality, Business to Business (B2B), supply chain management application that enables small businesses to collaborate with large retailers to build a more self-reliant, locally based economy in their geographic area. Localvore helps support the movement towards local purchasing and local economies that not only benefit the producer of goods and consumer but supports socially responsible supply chains. Localvore is a tool that will provide visibility of local suppliers to retailers in their area and help the two businesses establish a connection through Localvore’s “Social Media” features designed for businesses. Additional features that Localvore supports include robust search capabilities based on the type of product the retailer is looking for or by suppliers in the area. Once a retailer found what they are looking for Localvore can create and allow the user to manage online transactions for purchases made through Localvore’s virtual marketplace. Suppliers can also manage their entire inventory online, in addition to their company profile and user’s access. Localvore is built using the latest technology for web application development and is hosted using cost effective cloud computing services to keep our infrastructure costs low so we can pass along our savings to the user.


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Localvore features

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Additional information for Localvore

Key features of Localvore

  • Supplier Visibility
  • Electronic Contract Management
  • Electronic Purchase Order
  • Electronic Receiving
  • Electronic Invoicing
  • Secure Electronic Payment
  • Inventory Management
  • User Management
  • Business-to-Business Communication
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We close the physical distance between supplier and purchaser by enabling local sourcing between businesses and enhance your supply chain through providing the tools that foster efficient communication. In turn, we help lower the costs associated with managing contracts, data, and doing business. With our help lowering the overhead cost of doing business we will help lower the cost of goods sold. Some of the benefits we highlight are...

> Serves as an alternative to the current supply chain model.
> No cost to small and mid-sized suppliers...ever.
> No cost for licenses, subscriptions and maintenance for buyers.
> Easy to access from any computer or handheld device that connects to the web.
> Built using the latest technology for web application development and cloud computing.
> Connects local suppliers directly to the retailer/restaurant or other purchasing organization.
> Make fast, secure, and easy electronic payments.
> No reason not to sign-up to try for yourself!