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Logistico overview

Logistico is a cloud-based logistics management software designed to help enterprises streamline order management by connecting to their online stores and marketplaces, such as eBay, Amazon, and Shopify, and controlling and shipping orders with multi-channel order, inventory and shipping label management technology, and more. As a cloud-based solution, Logistico gives users the flexibility to manage orders anytime, anywhere, via any internet-enabled device.

Logistico allows users to control and ship their orders one at a time, partially, or in batches. Users can fill in package details in order to get accurate shipping rates, and print labels and packing slips before shipping. Logistico also enables the management of multiple parcels per order, providing accurate rates and individual tracking numbers for each package. Once set up, users can simply let Logistico run, as the platform pulls orders and syncs inventory automatically with all connected sales channels.

From Logistico's control centre, users can review orders, create shipping labels, and check sales performance all from the same place. Users also have access to order status updates such as shipment information, tracking numbers or cancellations in real time. Shipment addresses are filled out automatically, so users can enter package dimensions and weight, pick the shipping methods, then print shipping labels and packing slips. Logistico also provides the tools to manage products and inventory, allowing users to sync product lists, and check and manage up-to-date inventory levels in real time.


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Logistico screenshot: Connect to leading sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, Magento, and moreLogistico - Powered by MagayaLogistico screenshot: Print shipping labels and packing slips Logistico screenshot: Check all order and shipping information from a centralized screenLogistico screenshot: Connect with shipping providers such as UPS and FedExLogistico screenshot: Gain centralized access to shipment information, and search shipments by order or tracking numberLogistico screenshot: When an order is shipped, Logistico updates the available inventory in the sales channels, keeping it up to dateLogistico screenshot: The home dashboard gives users a quick overview of orders and sales numbers

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Logistico offers a freemium solution.

Contact Logistico for enterprise-level pricing information.

Logistico features

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Inventory Tracking
Real Time Data

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Additional information for Logistico

Key features of Logistico

  • Order fulfillment
  • Shipping management
  • Multi-channel order management
  • Shipping labels
  • Data synchronization
  • Order list
  • Control centre
  • Order management
  • Tracking numbers
  • Cancellation management
  • Shipment provider integration
  • Sales channel integration
  • Product management
  • CSV product upload
  • Real-time data
  • One at a time, partial, or multiple in a batch orders
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Streamline order management and shipping processes by connecting with leading sales channels and shipping providers such as BigCommerce, WooCommerce and FedEx.

Logistico enables users to sync orders automatically from all of their online stores and marketplaces.

Users can select and manage shipment orders one at a time, partially or in a batch.

Fill in package details to get accurate shipping rates, then print shipping labels and packing slips before shipping.

Sync entire product lists at once, or manage products automatically by saving products by order as they come in.