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Macola Software

ERP software to manage core business functions

4.11/5 (27 reviews)

Macola Software overview

Macola is an Enterprise Resource Planning software that manages core business functions such as project management, finance, human resource, and customer relationship management. Macola helps businesses integrate their regular operations, allowing users to focus more on client service. The application uses process automation to enable seamless workflow with no human errors and interruptions. Macola integrated with Qlikview to offer additional functionalities such as data visualization, embedded analytics, and ad-hoc reporting.

Macola provides centralized storage for process documents like work orders, CAD/CAM diagrams with role-based user access controls. The role based access provides option to limited viewing and editing rights to users.The software provides personalized work spaces for all business functions through automation. The personalized work spaces are geared towards specific jobs that involves work collaboration between departments. The work spaces helps in reducing the time required to finish a job by accessing information through a centralized database.

The general ledger module has a report writing function that provides basic accounting reports for internal reporting. The software also writes formal reports for statutory requirements. The accounts payable and accounts receivables transactions are integrated with inventory and procurement modules to ensure tax compliance. The tool offers capability to perform statistical analysis on the data to assess cash flows and determine financial ratios. Macola customers are majorly into manufacturing and IT.


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Macola Software reviews

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Dave Richman

The add-on accounting package that became our ERP!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-06-26
Review Source: Software Advice

The development of this mature full featured accounting system in to a full, all features included ERP system has been great for our company over the last 20+ years. We have been able to avoid migrating to a new ERP system and all of the loss of productivity and learning curve challenges that reality brings. We have been able to migrate our now legacy manufacturing shop-floor software, the one that Macola was sold with as an add-on accounting package, back in to Macola this year. The capital savings alone has gone directly to our bottom line. The Professional Services team has some serious longevity and in many ways, has been a part of our company longer than most of the employees. Change is constant and Exact Macola has put great effort in keeping up with the industry and completing business software applications.

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Steve Motzkus

In our implementation of Macola 10.5 we have had some issues setting up payroll, and currently are waiting on a fix from the Macola technical team to fix them.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-09-12
Review Source: Software Advice

The support team from macola do not seem to want to help us. We have contracted with Triangle partners for our support and they do a very good job, but do not know the payroll system. We tried contacting macola for this help and they wrote us off so fast you couldn't even see it. I think we have found a work around through Triangle. I would hope that they would have a vested interest in seeing the successful implementation of any customer upgrading so that we could hand out 5 star reviews instead of 3 star. If your customers are happy and successful with your products they will let the world know about it. If they are unhappy with any aspect of the product or service they will also let the world know about it. Make your customers happy by helping when they request it. Especially after dropping 10's of thousands of dollars on the upgrade. We have been using Macola Software for 30 years and have found it to be bullet proof and take care of our needs.

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Juan Carlos Flores Dector

I used this ERp in my last job, is very useful, it has many power to make your own tools with it

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-12-07
Review Source: Capterra

It was a tool for daily job, so this tool beefing up the prductivity all time...- You can create your own tools, in previous editions with VB6 and the with .net, that makes great experience even if you don't know very well how to use Visual Basic, because if the ERP doesn't have and function that you need, you can create it! - Support for Databases is awesome and the performance, I never have some problem with this ERP, in fact, sometimes I had to use it throught VPN and it works great.

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Elcio Santos

Full ERP Integration Solution Makes Macola 10 a Winner

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-08-01
Review Source: Software Advice

Overall, Macola 10 is a great value to an organization that, with some light development, provides a wide range of solutions all integrated, avoiding redundancy, disconnects, an therefore saving time and headaches.Macola 10 goes way beyond an ERP application, providing a platform that allows an infinite number of custom solutions. Allows complete integration of most applications a manufacturing organization needs to run successfully. Compelling relation between cost and benefit. Mostly web based application.

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Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-06-27
Review Source: Software Advice

Great innovation, would like Exact to look to users to ask about what they could really use in future innovations, a survey would be nice after and have customers rate the enhancements. E.G. releasing and updating PO promise dates en masse instead of one at a time, adding locations by product category instead of item number, etc.Very interactive with nice drill down. I wish there was a list of ES features that were no longer available before implementing, read on.

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Macola Software features

Activity Dashboard
Inventory Management
Workflow Management

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Additional information for Macola Software

Key features of Macola Software

  • ERP integration
  • Order management
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Work Order management
  • Automated scheduling
  • Accounting management
  • Project accounting
  • Electronic payments
  • General ledger
  • Inventory control
  • Automated Billing
  • Forecasting
  • Inventory optimization
  • Invoice processing
  • Quote management
  • Activity dashboard
  • Document planning
  • Customer Database
  • Cost Estimating
  • Fraud detection
  • Mobile integration
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• Macola has a business activity monitoring module that monitors multiple data sources, generates customized reports, sends email alerts, updates databases, and initiates workflow management.

• The software has an add-on business intelligence solution that analyzes reports on business data and works on different spreadsheets owned by individual owners.

• General ledger module manages the financial core areas of the business to facilitate fast decision-making, reduce human error, and lower operating costs.

• The accounts payable module regularly monitors the continuous flow of raw material and other supplies into the production department, and reminds procurement team to remain in constant touch with vendors.

• The software does automated production scheduling to reduce stockpiles of raw materials and helps in adjusting production levels as per changing requirements from the customers.