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Methodologee overview

The simple way to systemize your small business.

Successful startups are ever-changing and evolving. Growing teams, recurring workflows, evolving processes, new systems, and all those hats to wear. As a small business owner, how can you manage it all? It’s simple, really. Just add a little method to the madness.

Manage with ease.

You love having your own business and got the basics covered, but can it grow and run without you? Even if you like the daily grind, Methodologee helps you get things done faster without missing a beat.

The simple way to create, organize, update and share step-by-step business processes

Create easy-to-follow procedures with formatted text and visuals (screenshots, videos, flowcharts)

Easily attach and manage related files (templates, documentation)

Securely manage and share procedures from a single place—anywhere, anytime, and from any device

Be organized & efficient.

Forget the days of notes here and there and trying to remember how to do all those mundane tasks. With Methodologee, you can keep it all in one place and get things done faster, without missing a step.

Organize procedures the smart way with customizable categories

Keyword search helps you find any procedure, comment, or file in a jiffy

Methodologee’s simple format makes all your procedures consistent and easy to follow

Simplify team training.

From employees to service providers, ensure your dream team is on the same page. With just a few clicks, give them access to the procedures and files they need to get the job done right.

Share a procedure or file with any team member for easy training and reference

Invite team members to create or edit their own procedures for secure knowledge transfer

Use comments for productive team collaboration and feedback

Share safely.

Methodologee is a web-based application built on cloud technology. Your data is protected with industry leading SSL encryption technology for your peace of mind.

Relax knowing your data is always safe with us

Full control over what your users can see and do when logged into your account

Export your procedures anytime in HTML or text format

Start using Methodologee today—it’s free!


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Methodologee reviews


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Haleh Alemzadeh Niroo

Fantastic tool that keeps my company procedures organized!

Reviewed 2015-11-23
Review Source: GetApp

Methodologee is extremely easy to use and my team and I love using it to create and manage all of our company procedures. We used to use a shared drive to organize my interior design firm's Standard Operating Manuals but it was extremely difficult for my team and I to find/share the most current versions of different files/folders. With Methodologee, I simply log into my account, search for the right procedure and share it with any new or existing employee. One example is the ability to add videos to the procedures. I don't know how many times we've had the need for new team members to welcome a new customer or enter products to our online store! Instead of training each person and spending hours to go over each step, I simply share the procedures related to their project and they are able to view the step-by-step process and video tutorial. This works great for our repetitive tasks! Another amazing feature is new checklist tool. It helps my assistant manage everyone's workflow. She simply assigns a new task and the team member receives an alert and they collaborate on the task together without even logging into our account. We also use Google Drive and Dropbox on all of our methodologee procedures to collaborate using the most current versions of files/folders. I highly recommend it!You can also use it on mobile devices so you can quickly access procedures while on the road.

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Kristin Edwards

A great resource for remembering procedures and information that run your business.

Used weekly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-06-27
Review Source: Capterra

Peace of mind. Once I know the info I need is in methodologee, I can forget about the process since it is so easy to review what is needed.I love that my team has one place to go for all procedures and information needed to run our school. Time to charge family's credit cards? Log into Methodologee and remind yourself how to do that. Time for our Harvest did we run the ticketing booth? Log into Methodologee to see. We just transitioned to a new Admin Assistant. Training her has been a breeze since everything is listed, categorized and available.

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Laleh Alemzadeh Hancock

Ease of Use, Tons of Functionality and more

Reviewed 2015-11-16
Review Source: GetApp

The tools have expanded a few times over the years. I enjoy using it with my internal staff and partners/contractors. It allows us to share our processes, documents, images, tools, in one place while also allowing people to be aware of anything new that has been created. Ease of use, multiple capacities; can use with internal and external resources, can upload documents, links and images.

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Haleh Niroo

Excellent productivity and procedure management tool!

Reviewed 2015-11-16
Review Source: Capterra

Methodologee helped our business with managing our day to day procedures and streamline our repetitive tasks. It's very easy to use and affordable. We started out with a free plan and upgraded to add additional users, to add our logo to our account for our team and to be able to use their Checklist feature to manage our workflow. Now we can assign our repetitive tasks to our team and become notified when they are complete. This has helped our office become more efficient so that we don't have to repeat ourselves or refer back to old emails when we need to access information quickly. Don't know what we'd do without it!

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Great tool for managing our procedures and operations manual.

Reviewed 2014-02-12
Review Source: GetApp

This allowed us to communicate online and helped our staff with access to all the training materials assigned to them. We can add videos to all of our training materials, which comes in handy! I love that I can share certain confidential procedures with the managers.easy to use app to manage procedures sharing is easy add videos to training manuals categorizing is fast can add files to each procedure can use google docs links on procedures

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Key features of Methodologee

  • Be organized & efficient.
  • Simplify team training.
  • Share safely.
  • Manage with ease.
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Manage with ease. Get things done faster without missing a beat. Securely manage and share your procedures and files from one place—anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Be organized & efficient. Methodologee helps keep you organized so you can pull up procedures in a snap. Its consistent format makes your processes so easy to create and follow, you’ll actually enjoy it!

Simplify team training. Give your dream team what they need to get the job done right, everytime. You can have them create procedures and use comments for productive collaboration and feedback too.

Share safely. Methodologee protects your data for your peace of mind. You also have full control over what each user can see and do in your account.