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mHelpDesk is built to be super fast and easy to learn. We have free daily training and a welcome team to get you trained and using the software.

Our top rated field service software is incredibly powerful and supports a wide variety of scheduled and unscheduled work flows, with both one time and recurring appointments. Make sure your team is fully allocated with mHelpDesk's scheduling calendar, and efficiently routed with the map view.

mHelpDesk's invoicing system is fully integrated with our easy scheduling platform, providing one click invoicing with job tracking and reporting that will guarantee you get paid fast, every time. mHelpDesk's customers are happily eliminating the double data entry of working with third party accounting systems like Quickbooks, and you can too!

Keep track of all your customer interactions in mHelpDesk so that you and your team have the information you need, when you need it. Custom fields make it easy to track the specific bits of info that are unique to your business, and of course all of it can be seen in real time by you and your team on your mobile devices in the field, or from wherever you happen to be.

As the highest rated cloud based business system for field service businesses, mHelpDesk is an excellent partner for success now, and into the future. We're making additions and improvements almost daily, and are building long, happy relationships with customers for life. We look forward to serving you too!


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Sigrid Ruppert


Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-04-04
Review Source: Capterra

- great customer service availability by phone and online chat. - easy scheduling. - mobile app for technicians on the road.With the help of the support team I was able to filter out a list of customers that live in a certain region. Our out of town customers are grouped by areas. In order to send those customers a reminder email or reminder cards we need to filter them from mHelp. The report feature is too restricted and didn't help us. Then finally I had someone on the phone that told me to create a new selection under Customers. I selected the cities that are on that route and listed all of them separately. And voila, I had a list of customers that I was able to export to excel.

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Win more jobs and grow your business with mHelpDesk!

Michael Shost

mHelpDesk a solid tool for MSPs

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-02-17
Review Source: Software Advice

mHelpDesk has been a welcomed addition to our operations. In vetting the product it was challenging getting accurate information about how we wished to use the tool. We integrate it with QB and use QB Advanced Inventory for our inventory mgmt. It has been challenging getting the functionality we desire from the inventory module through the mHD UI. Since rolling it out, the core functionality is working well. The enhancements specific to our operations have been less successful. The fact that the mHD team is constantly gathering feedback and augmenting functionality makes me more confident that we will eventually be able to use it as we intended to use it from the onset. The forthcoming API is a big part of this.Easy association of work orders with easy to produce estimates & invoicing. Customizations are easily achievable via a user facing settings interface which is quite intuitive. Support has been very responsive to our requests. We may not always get the answers we wish we would get but support is quite robust. mHD is always gathering info from the users and adding functionality. We are greatly anticipating the API.

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Win more jobs and grow your business with mHelpDesk!

Olivia Stead

Just about the easiest system in the world to use!

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-02-06
Review Source: Software Advice

I researched quite a few different comparable products and this is by far the best. I have a very small business with a staff that HATES technology and change and they are even capable of using this system. It's Crazy Easy to use! You can manage your "people" in one spot. I can see my customers and staff's profile in the click of a button. I can organize my techs work by "Jobs" that connect right to their schedules. The estimates are professional and accurate. I can hide details that I don't want to share with my customers on any "template" I need to. It is very easy to customize your templates. You can search by any piece of info you have (name, phone number, email, address etc.). The reports are extremely easy to run and very detailed. The app Has a functioning offline mode for when there is no service. The app and online version give you the option to see other peoples schedule (if they have permission). The app used google maps so it is always up to date. I can hide confidential info from my techs based on permission. My people can clock in and out right from their phones. It is compatible with quick books. I can easily calculate my markups right from the estimate screen. The customer service is absolutely unbeatable. They are always there during business hours. Everyone I speak with fixes my problems right away no matter if it is in a chat screen or over the phone. Lastly everyone I speak with is clear and concise. I am speaking to people that know what they are doing.

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Win more jobs and grow your business with mHelpDesk!

Tanya Cross

have used for 4 years now

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-09-06
Review Source: Software Advice

We were much happier with the original version and while we continue to use the software, I still and looking for a new option to try. It is fairly easy to use. We mainly use it to create invoices and work orders that we print and send to customers. The customization of forms was great when they helped us initially set it up.

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Win more jobs and grow your business with mHelpDesk!

Shai Malul

Exceptional service and software

Reviewed 2015-04-15
Review Source: GetApp

The software: We are the owners and managers of over 1000 units across Pennsylvania, New jersey and Miami florida. We have been in the business for 17 years now and we are always looking for ways to get better and increase efficiency. I have tried so many maintenance management softwares throughout the years and non of them was able to answer our needs as much as Mhelpdesk. I am now able to monitor multiple maintenance technicians in various locations with so much ease and efficiency. It saves us money and time and most important enables us to service our tenants better and communicate progress and status of their work order with a click of a button. The fact that its is so customizable makes it so easy to arrange the information in a way that you can get a complete view of whats going on in the field in a glance. Customer Service: My first conversation was with Daniel McClain - Account executive - He was great from the get go. He took the time to answer all my questions no matter how small or big, He presented the software with great knowledge and expertise and made the process fun and interesting. When he presented the software to our staff in Florida he literally got a standing ovation. Everyone was so exited for it. Thank you Mr. McClain ;) Once i decided to go ahead with Mhelpdesk i was assigned with a customer success coach (Love the terminology) Meghan Verducci in a nutshell if i could i would hire her to work for our company in a heartbeat. She was very Knowledgeable and pleasant. If she says she will get something done you can count on it. She was honest about what can and can't be done within the software and if she didn't have an answer she would always look for one and get back to me as soon as she could. She even kept in touch when she was on vacation to make sure that my needs are met. Once the Setup was complete she provided me with a power point manual and training videos for my staff Very helpful, i was able to train my staff with easily with zero misunderstandings. Thank you Megahn for everything !! Customizable Coloring of the work order type Recurring maintenance Report

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Win more jobs and grow your business with mHelpDesk!

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  • Can't think of any
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  • None that I can think of....its a great company
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GetApp Analysis

Mhelpdesk is an advanced field service solution that allows service teams to work more productively by avoiding redundant paperwork, tracking their orders with great efficiency and issuing invoices on the fly. The workforce is monitored and managed more effectively through the field agents’ mobile devices.

This helpful tool can be utilized with great success in all industries such as plumbers, hvac, appliance repair, IT and computer repair, pest control, electricians, landscaping, handymen, carpet cleaning and other kinds of service crews.

The top features of the application include an intuitive home screen that helps users get started right away, seamless integration with Google Maps for monitoring the location of the on-field technicians, a status tracking screen that keeps users constantly updated on the progress of a task, service request online forms for clients and instant billing and invoicing abilities.

What is mHelpDesk?

Mhelpdesk aims at modernizing the way field service teams work and interact with their customers both in terms of billing and the submission of feedback, while also raising the quality of the offered services. This can be achieved through better customer request handling and management of jobs.

The software allows companies to process and address their customer requests fast, thus directly increasing the revenue and providing the basis for further development of their business. Moreover, it provides companies with intuitive customer data that helps speed up invoicing processes.

Who is mHelpDesk for?

Mhelpdesk can be useful for small to medium sized companies that offer on-field services of any kind. Anything from HVAC, plumbing, IT services, and appliance repair to cleaning and janitorial services. Teams can benefit from this software to get appropriately prepared for any particular case, and keep up with a defined schedule.

There are over 10,000 companies that are running their businesses worldwide with the help of Mhelpdesk, seeing shortened billing cycles, greater efficiency and superior time management. Apart from the corporate usage of the software, it can also be advantageous to freelancers who want to stay within certain timelines and strict schedules.

Main features

Simple Scheduling

Jobs can be filled-in by the office manager who can use the corresponding tab on the main screen. Details like customer contact and location information, job name and notes that would help service teams prepare accordingly can be added.

Mhelpdesk is beneficial even from the customer’s perspective. Customers themselves can also schedule a service call by filling a simple online calendar with all the aforementioned details. This online calendar can be integrated with the company’s website and users can log-in to schedule a service. This way, the need for more customer service employees is significantly lessened.

Job Tracking

After a job is submitted and approved, it gets transformed into a job item with a distinct tracking number. Using the Job Tracking feature, administrators can quickly overview all job statuses with live updates from the field agents’ mobile devices, check the customer’s location and get instantly informed when a job is completed.

This decisively decreases the communication costs for a company, as it renders calls pointless. It also helps achieve better time management and planning ahead. In addition to that, field agents will no longer be able to take advantage of the nature of their work and take unscheduled breaks that undermine the overall efficiency and organizational efforts of a company.

Billing and Invoicing

Billing customers for field services is one of the most time-consuming processes. With Mhelpdesk’s billing and invoicing features, users can pre-fill invoices with the customer’s data before the service team even reaches the customer’s location.

Templates can be used to personalize invoices and a company logo can be freely added for a more individualized result. Customers can fill the remaining information of the invoice right on the agent’s mobile device screen, while virtual signatures are fully supported by the platform as well as instant payment.

Workforce Management

As administrators know exactly where their field service teams are located at any given moment, they can efficiently manage them to meet the ever-changing demands and requirements of their customers. With Mhelpdesk, no agents are left inactive and no customers are waiting for extended periods of time to receive the ordered service.

Through the easy to use user interface, administrators can provide critical data and help when such is needed by the agents, while keeping their teams flexible and adaptable to any changes that may be submitted by clients later on.

Location Awareness

With Mhelpdesk, administrators can locate all field technicians in real-time and assign them with the nearest jobs based on their geographic map location. This way, fuel expenses and customer waiting time are dramatically decreased, while customer satisfaction is elevated to a higher level.

This is possible by using the agent’s mobile device GPS sensors and Mhelpdesk’s abilities to fully integrate with Google Maps from where it can retract European, UK, US, Australian and Canadian maps. Both agents and customers appear on the map, and jobs are conveniently named so that admins can assign them to the right personnel without having to recourse elsewhere.


Mhelpdesk is very interoperable as it boasts an API that can be used to integrate the application with the software tools a company may be using. One important example is the ability to integrate the customers’ online service order with any existing website.

Other integrations include the Google Calendar that admins can utilize to schedule jobs and tasks for their field agents, Google Maps that is used to locate customers and agents, and Quickbooks that can receive exported data from Mhelpdesk to be used by accountants.


Mhelpdesk comes in four versions that offer a different set of features and abilities. The starter package comes at the price of $30 per month and allows users to manage unlimited number of customers, 25 jobs/month, 25 invoices/month, 1 administrator and $30 for each additional user. The next step is the Pro package that costs $75/month and offers unlimited jobs and invoices, 1 admin and $25 for each new user.

For more advanced needs there is the Business package that costs $149/month and can accommodate up to 5 administrators and charges $20 for each new user. The Enterprise package price ranges based on the actual needs and requirements. There is also a free trial version that lasts 14 days.

Bottom line

  • Job Tracking
  • Agent Location
  • Customer Online Ordering
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Better Workforce Management

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Key features of mHelpDesk

  • Scheduling
  • Mapping Feature
  • Job Tracking
  • Customized Reporting
  • Billing
  • Professional Custom Quotes/Invoices
  • Invoicing
  • Customer List Importing
  • Quote Management
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Electronic Payments
  • World Class Customer Support
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Powerful Search Tool
  • Mobile Phone Access
  • File Attachments
  • CRM
  • Website Integration
  • Backed By IAC (NASDAQ: IACI)
  • Signature Management
  • Customer Database
  • Custom Online Database


Win more jobs, stay more organized and grow your business with our industry leading field service software.

mHelpDesk allows you to access your customer information from any computer or any device. Our software is easy to use for estimates, scheduling, jobs, invoicing and so much more.

mHelpDesk is perfect for HVAC, Plumbers, Electricians, Pest Control, Computer Repair, Carpet Cleaners, Maid Service, and many more!