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MyEasyISO use case: Mark Hamer

Mark Hamer

Verified Reviewer  
29th of January, 2017

Our ISO implementation has simplified to a great extent after we deployed MyEasyISO. We have been certified for last 3 years and MyEasyISO ensured we were more productive and efficient in our compliance by reducing the amount of paperwork we were required to maintain. MyEasyISO was good in terms of the level of automation in offered and also support we received during initial signup and post purchase. They also offered us a dedicated ISO consultant to get us get best of the system and provide assistance at all the stages. We loved the Non-Conformance Module, Risk Module, Internal Audit Module and Customer complaints module. Also purchase, quality and operations modules offered as kind of template free ISO system and ensured we were ready for all of our ISO audits on a real-time basis. We are going to use MyEasyISO even for our group companies next month as they are offering attractive pricing plan for our multiple subscriptions and also free ISO consulting option. Recommended for all companies.

What do you like best?

Simple user interface and workflow. Meets almost all the requirements and compliance expected from our ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. We really saved a lot of time using MyEasyISO.

What do you dislike?

More options for service planning, tracking and real-time monitoring of shipments. If they offer sector specific MyEasyISO, it will be great.

Why did you end up selecting MyEasyISO over other applications?

The pricing was really simple and straight forward. Also during demo we were impressed with the capabilities and simplicity of work flow.

What is your main use case with MyEasyISO?

If you are implementing ISO standards and need a simple yet comprehensive system to plan, implement and manage your ISO compliance, MyEasyISO is the best option.

Give one example how MyEasyISO has improved the way your organization functions

It ensured all employees were on the same level for required compliance and also real time data entry and analysis ensured we get maximum benefit from our ISO standard.

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Amazing...go for the large plan as it offers free ISO certification.

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