MyRig Features


Trucking software tools and connectivity via Android app

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MyRig Feature Summary

  • Available for free to drivers as Android app
  • Driver daily scheduling options
  • Load Processing
  • Load Inspection
  • Trip reports include state breakdowns, hub readings & more
  • Home Page summarises messages received & loads tendered
  • Paperless Functionality
  • Eliminate printed schedules, customer receipts, trip reports
  • GPS tracking option available
  • Route optimization features for drivers and dispatchers
  • Support for email messages and notifications
  • Perform and report spot inspections
  • Functions include assigning drivers to routes
  • Plan work schedules and adjust driver schedules
  • Tools for monitoring every aspect of Rig/Fleet performance
  • Customizable to match specific Rig requirements
  • Signature capture and photographic features
  • Instant electronic signature capabilities

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