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Production planning and scheduling solution

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Optessa Feature Summary

  • Multi-line
  • Multi-bin
  • Optimization engine
  • User-defined constraints
  • Multiple penalty formats
  • Multiple line capacity formats
  • Parametric report generation
  • Re-evaluation and manual adjustments
  • Native replanning and rescheduling support
  • Maintains bias during replanning
  • Demand-capacity matching
  • Order planning
  • Order sequencing
  • What-if scenarios/simulations
  • Upstream and related event tracking
  • Multi-plant
  • Capacity planning
  • Real-time rescheduling and sequencing
  • Constraint prioritization
  • Optimal routing decisions

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Optessa Feature Reviews

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Mehran Falaki

Highly recommended


I have been involved in customization and implementation of this versatile and powerful scheduling software,which can handle multiple constraints

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