Checking order history in Ordoro


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Checking order history in Ordoro

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Sangram (Ordoro)

Sangram: What if for example a customer calls and says what's happening with my order? For example, Scarlett might call and say hey I ordered this like a week back what's happening? What you can do is you can actually look at the history of what's happening with the order. For example, I'm on the shipments tab here. I can just mouse over this little icon over here and it's going to tell me what's been happening with that order.

Jimmy: When I add a user, it will reflect here which user was the one that did this action.

Sangram: Exactly. So right now we just have one user that's getapp@ordoro. If I create another one that’s ram@ordoro it will show who's doing what. When it's being, what's being done kind of thing. On this case, since we have created a label, we can tell Scarlett hey here's the label, here's the tracking number in case you don't have it already.

And if I click on it, it will actually take me to the post office and say here's the tracking number for it. And it's actually been shipped out and somewhere in the pipeline getting to them. It's going to tell you what's exactly is happening with that.