Deleting shipping labels and creating return shipping labels in Ordoro


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Deleting shipping labels and creating return shipping labels in Ordoro

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Sangram (Ordoro)

Sangram: I will ship out four orders. What if I think I made a mistake in shipping out one of these? I don't want to delete the label. What I can do is if you’ve noticed I moved on to the shipped orders in the shipments tab. Say I want to delete a label for this particular order to Robert.

All you do is expand the shipment and click on delete label. It will just ask you for confirmation. When you delete the label, the label gets deleted. Your postage balance goes up. You're basically refunded by the shipper if you will because you haven't used their label.

That shipment goes back into the unshipped orders. You can create a shipping label for it again.

Jimmy: Simple enough.

Sangram: The next time you create a shipping label, it will send an email to the customer saying by the way this is your new tracking number and track it using this.

Jimmy: This has to be something that isn't done very often.

Sangram: Exactly.

Jimmy: In the whole process, there really isn't a place where the information that we're inputting, we can make a mistake.

Sangram: Exactly. This typically happens when a customer calls and says I want to cancel. You happen to have create a label for it and you come back and delete it kind of thing. The other request of the customer might have is I actually want to return my product. Can you send me a return shipping label? That's just as easy as creating a shipping label as well.

You just expand the shipment. I would click on create return label. As you'd imagine all the information is pre-filled for you. And this is the same process as creating a return shipping label as well.