How to add additional sales channels, users and shipping options in Ordoro


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How to add additional sales channels, users and shipping options in Ordoro

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Sangram (Ordoro)

Sangram: Sales channels are the different sales channels that you would want. For example, when we started we created Big Commerce. I could easily add another sales channel out here. For example, let me go ahead and add Amazon. This is just adding another sales channel.

For example, you can obviously add more users.

Jimmy: Like two or three people on the same team could be logging into Ordoro and managing and processing orders?

Sangram: Exactly. Once you get into a particular size, people want to use it simultaneously, that's what you can do. For example you might be doing the shipping for a week. Your business partner might be doing the shipping for the next week. The advantage of having different users is it gives you visibility on who's done what with an order.

That way if you have to trace back a particular order, you can always go back and look at that. I'll show you a little bit of how that works as well.

Jimmy: From what I see here on your pricing sheet, I think it's a pretty generous amount of users that are included in each tier.

Sangram: We tried to bend the pricing structure based on how a typical business would look like growing up. And that's how we came up with that. Warehouses we looked at shippers. While we were signing up, we configured the postal service, so you can just easily create a UPS account as well. As long as you have your UPS or FedEx credentials, you can use those as well.

Jimmy: So we're going to create one over there and just put that and log in through here with those.

Sangram: Exactly. Typically, most people have their own UPS and FedEx accounts with their own rates and they would just put them in here. They would be good to go just like when we create shipping label with USPS, you would create one with UPS and FedEx as well.