How to batch create packing slips and shipping labels in Ordoro


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How to batch create packing slips and shipping labels in Ordoro

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Sangram (Ordoro)

Sangram: I'm going to show you how to create a label for some batch. This is a perfect example. Shipments don't have to be from the same order either. You could go back here and say I want to process all 10 orders. We have 10 shipments, different addresses, different products, and different orders.

You can all create them in one batch. Let's do that. We have two for example here. Let me go ahead and show you what a packing slip looks like. I'm going to print back a slip. They system automatically creates two packing slips for you.

This is the one for the first shipment and scrolling down here's the one for the second one. It also shows me a pick list. A pick list is typically used in a warehouse when you're processing orders in a batch. You might have 10 orders you're processing. You want this pick list so that you can go to the warehouse, they can choose those items from the shelves.

You can also configure warehouse locations for particular products. You can say you know, I need to go to Aisle 5 Bin 2 to get these products. You can get them on to your work table and then sort them out based on the packing slips. Put them in the box and create the shipping label. Here's the packing slip that we configured here.

We looked at the packing slips and what I'm going to do is go ahead and create a shipping label in a batch. Select all of them. Click on create labels. Just hit create shipping label. If you notice most of the information is pre-filled. What I get is two shipping labels to print out, slap on the box and send out.

Jimmy: Great.

Sangram: And here's the magic, the tracking numbers that we have here get send in bulk to the customers so that they can track it. Here's a quick example of how to process orders in a batch. In this case, we just created two but you can do up to a hundred I believe is what you can do in one go.