Inventory management, indicators and sync in Ordoro


Shipping, Inventory, and Everything In Between

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Inventory management, indicators and sync in Ordoro

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Sangram (Ordoro)

Sangram: If you want to upgrade, the upgrade path is really simple. You have to go to settings, billing, and change plan. Instead of basic, I would select Pro and click submit. That's it.

You'll notice that you will actually have a Product and PO tab now. You'll notice that since we did connect to your website and when we’re going to the settings we connect to Amazon as well, it's already imported all your product information in the system. These are all the products that are in my product catalogue. It has pulled in the quantities that were associated with them in the shopping cart as well.

Jimmy: This is syncing across every outlet that we're selling through.

Sangram: Exactly. So this would pull in products from, in this case, the Big Commerce cart, the Amazon cart. Let's take an example. For example this Batman action figure. I'm going to click on this to look on the details of it.

Jimmy: So all of these cart will be coming in back here to see how many are in and stuff?

Sangram: Exactly. Ordoro kind of maintains a master list inventory of quantities if you will. I'm in the product detail page right now. If I click on sales channel info, this particular product or SKU is actually sold on both my Big Commerce cart and Amazon cart. You'll notice that the information is reflected in the sales channel.