Pricing packages and drop shipping offered by Ordoro


Shipping, Inventory, and Everything In Between

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Pricing packages and drop shipping offered by Ordoro

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Sangram (Ordoro)

Sangram: If you're a brand new online retailer, if you have just an order a day for example that's not as hard a problem. But as you grow, these things basically become a pain and you want to solve those problems. Along those lines we kind of split up or have different flavors of the order app if you will.

Basically we have two flavors, one is the basic plan which is just shipping. If you just have one store, if you do a decent amount of volume and you want to use Ordoro just for shipping, we have the shipping only version.

And we have the pro version which is the full featured Ordoro version which includes shipping, inventory management, drop shipping. You can connect to as many channels as you want and so on and so forth. Basic and pro.

Jimmy: You guys also would allow the drop shipping feature.

Sangram: We do, yes. Drop shipping is wherein you weren’t necessarily stocking that product when a product sells out or you sell a product to a customer. You go out and tell your vendor saying hey this product has been sold please ship it out to this vendor. The shop supplier basically sends it out to the customer. That's the concept of drop shipping.

A lot of our customers use that just as a way to either have a purely drop ship business or a way to expand their product catalogue if you will. They may stock a bunch of products but they might not put all their money into gathering inventory so they might drop ship some of the lower selling products. All products that cannot be stocked like heavy items and stuff.