Purchase orders and updating inventory in Ordoro


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Purchase orders and updating inventory in Ordoro

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Sangram (Ordoro)

Sangram: What I'm going to do is, these are the two products that are low on stock or basically zero on stock. I'm going to create a purchase order for this. I'm just going to click on this and say order more. I want to order 10 of these from Marvel and have it shipped out to my warehouse. And I'm going to add this to a purchase order.

Let me go ahead and order the next one as well. And say I want 10 of these as well. I'm getting it from Marvel. I'm shipping it out to my warehouse as well. What I did was I created a purchase order for both of these. If you notice, that purchase order says that, it says hey I have placed 10 quantities of these for reorder out here in this column.

What I'm going to do is move on to the PO tab, that's the purchase order tab. This is the PO I created. I'm going to go ahead and send that PO out. If you notice right on the PO unsent. I'll send to supplier.

In case I have special instructions for the supplier, I will send out the email request. This would basically go out to the vendor. Once it goes out, I can actually receive the product as well. What I can do is create a good receipt and say you know I actually received this product. This is actually when you receive the product in your warehouse.

You say I’ve received this product. Now if you notice, this particular SKU, the Hulk action figure I've got it in my warehouse. If I go on to the products tab and look for that particular product you'll notice that the quantity was zero intially now it's gone up to 10.

Jimmy: Awesome.

Sangram: What this does is it goes and pushes back your inventory back to all the sales channels.