The solutions an ecommerce finds using Ordoro


Shipping, Inventory, and Everything In Between

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The solutions an ecommerce finds using Ordoro

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Sangram (Ordoro)

Jimmy: Okay so let's imagine that I have a store. I have no idea that I have a need for Ordoro. What are some of the problems that I might be facing that would make Ordoro something that I should think about looking into? What are those real world problems that I'm going to be having as an online retailer?

Sangram: Great question. Let me answer that in two parts. Right? Say you have a store and you're just starting off. Let's consider that scenario.

You actually make a sale. What you want to have to do is to actually ship out the product to that customer who actually purchased that. If you do not have something like Ordoro, what you would do is you would go to the post office or you would go to Copy and paste all the address information back and forth between your shopping cart and the shipper which for example is the USPS post office.

Jimmy: Sounds like a lot of trouble.

Sangram: And you'll take the box to the post office and ship it out. When you do get the tracking information, sometimes you come back to your shopping cart and log it in there. And that kind of completes the process if you will. And then you would have to send an email to the customer with their tracking information. That's kind of the basic problem that pretty much any online retailer who's ever had even a single sale on their website, or Amazon, or EBay faces.

So that's the basic problem.

Jimmy: If you have one sale a day that might not be too much of a big deal for you but once you start getting into multiple sales a day or let's say your business does really well and you start getting into hundreds or even thousands. You don't really want to be copying and pasting.

Sangram: Exactly. This actually gets more complicated when you have a recently successful business. You obviously a large order volume and you probably don't want to do this one by one. Right? You want to do stuff in bulk.

You get 10 orders a day and you want to process all these 10 orders in oe bill so to speak. That's where Ordoro helps streamline their process. A bunch of our customers actually also they typically have their own web store. They also sell on Amazon, EBay, Etsy, and all these different marketplaces. Or they actually might have multiple web stores as well.

That really compounds the problem of not just shipping but stuff like inventory management. Right? One example is selling in website, in Amazon, and you know, you just run through your stock in Amazon and people try to buy it from your website which is a completely set of quantities. You might end up in a situation that you are selling more than what you have. That's just poor experience for buyers.

It might lead to bad reviews for you on Amazon, EBay, and all that stuff. Ordoro helps centralize all that complexity and automates most of it especially the inventory synchronization if you will. That's the feature that is very commonly used with us.

Jimmy: That definitely sounds like a super useful feature because as easy as it is to have let's say a Shopify store or an Etsy shop and sell on Ebay and sell on Amazon. It's likely that people are going to have these multiple outlets that they have to manage.

Sangram: Exactly. And there's another dimension of complexity isome people use multiple shippers. Actually, a lot of people use multiple shippers, they'll use the postal service, they'll use UPS, and they might use FedEx. Ordoro kind of synchronizes all those shippers as well.

That way you can pick and choose which is the best shipper based on what the customer has asked for and when that ordering needs to get to the customer.