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Process Street use case: Cameron Cox

Cameron Cox

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16th of August, 2016
Rev up your Business process's

If ending the constant degradation of your business as it grows and as you employee new people to do what you used to do you must have tools that give your new staff all the good stuff that was running around your head an made your business grow. It is completely unrealistic to expect employees to remember all the things that are instinctive to you. process street empowers you to communicate all this stuff and constantly update the Policies and procedures as any new conflict event happens to help reduce re -occurrence.

What do you like best?

Its very easy to learn. Great interface . Process Street is updating constantly and are good at listening to user feed back.

What do you dislike?

Nothing really to put here other then the fact that the billing and user configuration area really needs improving so that Admin has better controls over who should be Professional account holders.

Why did you end up selecting Process Street over other applications?

We Trailed it and just found that it helped with the issues we wanted improved , although not exactly what we wanted because nothing ever is, I could see that the Developers were heading in the right direction that future updates would head towards those other goals.

What is your main use case with Process Street?

Quality assurance of Process in a Manufacturing system

Give one example how Process Street has improved the way your organization functions

In the end , Process create clear accountability.

What is your ROI?

Not applicable.

Likelihood to recommend


Recommendations to others considering Process Street

Any Business owner who employees people.

Time used

6-12 months

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