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Process Street use case: Mike Claggett

Mike Claggett

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29th of August, 2016
Check Lists with Tutorials

For onboarding new employees or keeping current staff on task, I simply have not found anything better than Process Street. Mind Maps with Gnant Charts are fine if you need to get all that complicated, but it you want an easy way to take your people through a process, Process Street is the perfect choice.

What do you like best?

Being able to build a task list complete with built in tutorials takes all the excuses for not doing the job right, every time, out of the equation. I never thought I would find a system built by people that think about organizing task the same way I do.

What do you dislike?

The only feature Process Street doesn't have that would put it over the top for me is the ability to export Task Lists (Which for all intent and purposes are Process Maps), so other Process Street users could import them.

Why did you end up selecting Process Street over other applications?

The other Process/Task managers I tried were WAY to complicated.

If so, why did you switch?

Simpler and more user friendly.

What is your main use case with Process Street?

Assigning tasks such as writing assignments, curation assignments, featured image assignments, Co-Citation Feed Assignments, Competitive Intelligence Analysis (CIA) projects and more to my Virtual Assistants.

Give one example how Process Street has improved the way your organization functions

It has basically made me a hands off manager of all our workflow.

What is your ROI?

Hard to guage but just in man hours it has saved myself and my managers is easily an additional $2,000.00/mo when you add it all up in comparison to how we were managing the same volume and type of projects.

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If you want to make your people accountable, keep them on task and move a project automatically from a staff member that has finished their portion of a task to the next team member involved, do NOT miss out on Process Street.

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