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Process Street

Team workflow, SOP and recurring process management platform

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Process Street use case: Hasan Abdul Rahman

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1st of September, 2016
Process Street has helped me have a process in my web dev company

I own a web dev company and I needed an or a software that can help me with my repetitive tasks which are usually done by my employees. We needed to document the steps of these repetitive tasks because we do them over and over. We found Process Street and never looked back. Process Street is the best app that can help you be consistent with your processes. It can increase your company performance and speed .... highly recommended

What do you like best?

1-ease of use 2-Free 3-intuitive 4-fast 5-99% uptime 6-reliable 7-Ability to invite people for collaboration 8-Many different input methods

What do you dislike?

1-Can not control the permission of those we invite for collaboration

Why did you end up selecting Process Street over other applications?

Its free and have no restrictions on features

If so, why did you switch?

I used to use an Excell sheet and i switched because the old way was time consuming

What is your main use case with Process Street?

company repetitive tasks

Give one example how Process Street has improved the way your organization functions

I have certain repetitive tasks that need to be done by my employee but I need to be able to check it.

What is your ROI?

Infinity cause its free and has helped me tremendously

Likelihood to recommend


Recommendations to others considering Process Street

This app is good for most biz because every biz needs a way to document their sop and share it with their employees

Time used

Less than 6 months

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