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Promapp use case: Dr Feras Abou Moghdeb

Dr Feras Abou Moghdeb

Verified Reviewer  
13th of October, 2016
To Promapp or not to Promapp

We got Promapp for a 14,000 employee organisation that operates in the early education industry. This organisation did not have any business processes in place, documents stored in various places, experienced a high rate of staff turn-over and with it knowledge retention was a challenge. For this organisation to maintain its operations, it needed a simple, intuitive solution that would help in bringing policy, procedures, processes, glossary, roles and responsibilities and systems list together and make it accessible at the fingertips of all of its employees across Australia.

What do you like best?

Simplicity, ease of use, usefulness, cloud-based, friendly staff, connecting processes and documents, security groups and elements connectedness.

What do you dislike?

Pricing, support, understanding of staff of BPM to provide better guidance and fit for purpose advice.

If so, why did you switch?

Too complex.

What is your main use case with Promapp?

It is simple to use which makes it easier to sell the concept to our stakeholders.

Give one example how Promapp has improved the way your organization functions

Created an easy to follow single source of truth.

Likelihood to recommend


Recommendations to others considering Promapp

Once you Promapp, you will never look back again. I have used other BPM tools, basic and advanced, none come close to the concept and execution level of Promapp. So Promapp or not to Promapp? Definitely Promapp.

Time used

6-12 months

Frequency of use


Rating breakdown

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