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RAM Lease Accounting

Lease accounting software with new standards compliance

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RAM Lease Accounting overview

What is RAM Lease Accounting?

Real Asset Management's lease accounting solution promises greater visibility and compliance over the management of those finance and operating leases linked to balance sheet items. It also supports the new FAS13 (ASC 842) regulations effective from 2019, along with SSAP21 committee standards, IAS 17 and IFRS 16. Record, view and maintain complete leasing details that include lease codes, associated asset codes, descriptions and accrual dates etc. Lease rescheduling is possible, payment plans can be user-defined to meet diverse arrangements, while the software supports custom interest calculation methods.

Lease accounting features also integrate with asset histories, depreciation, fixed register and amortization. Control capabilities then add Business Activity Monitoring tools, reacting to lease break clauses, expirations and renewals by sending email notifications and automatic alerts. This feedback is enhanced by reporting and forecasting facilities that promise deeper analysis of historical, current and future expenditure levels. Suites of standard reports are augmented by user-defined options, with the ability to filter data via user-defined fields.


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RAM Lease Accounting features

Activity Tracking
Audit Trail
Reporting & Statistics

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Key features of RAM Lease Accounting

  • Barcoding / RFID
  • Search / filter
  • Inventory overview
  • Stock inquiries
  • Lease accounting
  • Payment scheduling
  • Lease adjustment
  • Lease payments
  • Audit trail
  • Historical audit
  • Email notifications
  • Fixed asset management
  • Forecasting
  • Obligation management
  • Government compliance
  • Report alerts
  • Business activity monitoring
  • Filtered views
  • Reporting
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RAM Lease Accounting is a software system that supports comprehensive analysis of financial and operational lease obligations to provide greater visibility over the management process.

RAM Lease Accounting is compliant with the latest FAS 13 (ASC 842) and IFRS 16 lease accounting rules, coming into effect from January 1st 2019.

Record full leasing details with the ability to add, review, edit and maintain information, define custom payment plans, reschedule lease arrangements and perform multiple calculation types.

Business Activity Monitoring tracks key events and reacts to send notifications, while flagging up lease payments in advance or those that have been allowed to lapse into arrears.

Reporting and forecasting capabilities allow for detailed analysis of obligations, commitments and more, with standard options joined by the ability to generate user-defined reports.