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RapidInfluence overview

What is RapidInfluence?

The Challenge:

Many organizations spend a great deal of time on developing strategy and business plans but struggle to implement them in large part because of the difficulty in establishing a collaborative work environment in the context of strategic business planning. This means that many well intentioned plans lay dormant on a shelf or are laboriously completed using less than optimal means.

The Solution:

At RapidInfluence we are overcoming this challenge by focusing on plan implementation as a series of well constructed action items that are easily established and monitored so that a plan can be implemented as effectively as possible.

Our product works by linking together plan initiatives and plan elements with their action items, providing a simple implementation process that can be monitored and reported on ensuring that plans are acted upon and completed as quickly as possible.


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RapidInfluence is available in 4 versions:

Personal Edition for individuals, sole proprietors and small businesses- FREE

Group Edition for small and medium business or groups in enterprise and government - $99 per month

Professional Edition for divisions and business units within enterprise and government - $250 per month

Enterprise Edition for deployment across an entire enterprise or government organization - $500 per month

RapidInfluence features

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Key features of RapidInfluence

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Primary Features:
Our solution is built around 5 key components that are linked together to implement your strategic plan:

Strategic Initiatives - define and distribute the details on the strategic initiatives that will be undertaken to meet the organization's strategic objectives

SWOT Analysis - record the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats against the organization as a whole or particular strategic initiatives

Strategic Elements - organize the primary activities required to complete a strategic initiative

Action Items - create and assign action items and group according to the particular strategic element creating an order to the process

Financial Entries - record budget entries against both strategic elements and their strategic initiatives

The Extensability:

Configure with confidence – a core feature of the RapidInfluence solution is the ability to customize it to meet your organization’s needs. The system starts out with a range of standard capabilities and also allows you to modify many aspects of those features to tailor things to your needs.