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Make data from all your existing business applications meaningful by importing key pieces of it into to create OKRs (projects, or Objectives and Key Results) and KPIs (metrics, or Key Performance Indicators).

Arranged in an hierarchy, OKRs and KPIs become clear, attainable goals for every team and employee.

And they come to life in When you log in, you see just where you and your team are today, and right under that you have your list of Tasks, each one of which is directly related to a goal above.

More importantly, on the same screen, you can chat with everyone. Share successes (even start a round of applause), ask for help, provide it, or just enjoy the company.

Check your calendar for Meetings, during which you can capture ideas, make decisions, create tasks, or reorganize goals.

Managers never need to contend with "favoritism" again. Objectives are clear, contributions are measured, engagement is tracked, and results are obvious.

Executives no longer wonder how things are going. They can watch it in real time. They can have confidence in their projections.

And they can direct their enterprise like never before.


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Very good

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Collin H.

Excellent software to help keep your teams goals top of mind

Used weekly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-05-18
Review Source: Capterra

It has helped our team plan out our long and short-term goals, and helps keep our team meetings organized.

Great dashboard that allows you to see the teams performance at a glance, and then also track progress. I also enjoy the meeting format templates to help keep meetings on track. It also has to be said that the owner of the company, Mr. Lynch, who also does the training/ coaching courses is memorable and very good at communicating big-picture ideas.

Occasional software glitches, but nothing that has ever slowed or effected the overall functionality of the platform.

Response from

HI Collin. Thank for your review, our team greatly appreciates your support and having Destination Lighting as a client. It's fantastic to hear the platform is helping your business grow.

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Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Anonymous from a SMB

Reviewed 2016-04-22
Review Source: GetApp

We used the Results software to streamline big business goals with day to day activity. It's a strong platform for ensuring accountability for everyone in your organization.

Fantastic customer support. I found it a little tough learning the software in the early going, but I always was able to lean on the RESULTS staff for roadblocks I faced. Loved that we could integrate our strategic planning and have it a few clicks away, all in the same app.

It was a little tough to pick up navigating the software in the early going, but the customer support staff offered a lot of help which generally made for smooth sailing.

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Please request a demo for pricing information. features

Activity Dashboard
Data Import/Export
Third Party Integrations

Access Controls/Permissions (650 other apps)
Alerts/Notifications (1078 other apps)
Audit Management (541 other apps)
Audit Trail (526 other apps)
Billing & Invoicing (558 other apps)
Compliance Management (658 other apps)
Customizable Reports (560 other apps)
Document Management (764 other apps)
Inventory Management (827 other apps)
Mobile Access (742 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (817 other apps)
Search/Filter (613 other apps)
Status Tracking (528 other apps)
Work Order Management (526 other apps)
Workflow Management (675 other apps)

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Key features of

  • Organize and schedule tasks and set project goals
  • Combine and merge loans, assets, liabilities, and other financial data and items into one entity for reporting purposes
  • Import and export information and reports to and from the program
  • A process in which an employee receives feedback and a full analysis of how their peers, managers, and direct reports perceive them.
  • Improve business process by accessing more features and applications by combining third party integrations
  • Capture statistical records to measure achievements or progress towards a particular goal.
  • At a high level, visualize a preferred outcome, define goals and identify specific steps to achieve them
  • Measurement and reporting of task milestones
  • Coordinate schedules and organize meetings
  • Dashboard to view activity
  • Ability to work collectively on a project while communicating and sharing information within the system in real time
  • Important metrics on which company is evaluated
  • Allows for integration with other systems/databases
  • View and track pertinent metrics
  • An assembly of graphs and charts for tracking statistics and metrics
  • Integrate with your customer relationship management software to better connect all aspects of your business, especially your customers
  • Generate reports that meet information requirement, as the occasion requires
  • Interact with data visualization elements, such as charts and graphs, to drill down into data
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