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Enterprise smartworking software for productive workplaces.

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SAPENTA overview

Sapenta is a simple, social and smart end-to-end smartworking platform for the Digital Enterprise. We increase employee engagement, collaboration, and productivity, while delivering flexible, agile and data-driven working practices via our automated and fully connected platform of tools for managing Projects, Tasks, Teams, Time, Purchases, Travel & Expenses, communication and reporting. No more silos, paper-based, manual or fragmented processes. Simply One Workplace, One Platform, One Experience.


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United States, Brazil, Germany, India, Latin America and 3 other markets, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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SAPENTA reviews

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Joan Puig


Reviewed 2015-03-11
Review Source: Capterra

Centralisation: Sapenta gives me control and security - Everything is in one platform; indicators, projects and tasks, staff and logistics. No more waiting from administration or middle management to have the information I need to manage operations. With SAPENTA I have absolute real time visibility on what's happening in the operations side of the company. Support: Sapenta helps me to making decisions - With the information that SAPENTA gives me I can make decisions based on knowledge and confidence. There is nothing 'hidden' that can create a problem in any decision. I know at once the state of a project, its economic figures, current and expected margin, the staff involved, milestones coming, state of the deliverables, etc. Documentation Flow: Sapenta gives me confidence - No more excuses: I forgot, I didn't know, I didn't realise, he didn't tell me. The Dashboard of SAPENTA shows me what's happening in real time, where the staff are, what's pending, what's new' I have the confidence that nothing will be lost or forgotten. Advanced thinking: Sapenta gives me power - With the data mining capability offered by SAPENTA, I have access to information that was previously unthinkable before we started using SAPENTA through the cross-connection of information with theoretically non- linked information, such as the calendar, holidays, work peaks, staff working as a team, etc. I know, with figures, and with projections and tendencies, who are my most effective teams, when my staff is more productive, when I can have problems, when my staff is more creative, how I should best manage holiday requests with work peaks, etc. SAPENTA gives me time: it gives me money - SAPENTA makes my life easy and it frees up my time in day-to-day operations that I can then dedicated to high valued tasks to bring business to my company.

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Enterprise smartworking software for productive workplaces.

Dheeraj Kumar

Smart, organised and friendly.

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-07-28
Review Source: Capterra

Weekly schedule planner, quick chats with colleagues, and timely view of the status of tasks of a project.The planner and meeting reminders were the most helpful and useful features. The chat function serving as an alternative to the conventional work emails among colleagues was a feature worth mention. The message broadcast feature was quite helpful in spreading the news of a certain event in a timely fashion. The 'Projects' description, set-up and view aspects were helpful when a quick reference was needed.

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Enterprise smartworking software for productive workplaces.

Mariana Lopes

a real workplace digitisation

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-03-17
Review Source: Capterra

We have been using many tools in the past but we sapenta we are now enjoying the benefits of a real and complete digitisation on the way we work, in general, not only in disconected processes. Now we are more efficient, we are saving time and we are doing thing in a really easy way. Easy to use, really quick implementation and the design is really nice.

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Enterprise smartworking software for productive workplaces.

Joan Puig Lago

SAPENTA became an essential tool to improve our efficiency

Reviewed 2015-08-26
Review Source: GetApp

We've integrated Sapenta just over 6 months ago into our two offices and the results have been impressive. We are an advanced engineering company and our service is based in time to deliver our solutions, and Sapenta has added this extra to improve the efficiency of our internal processes, internal communication and our main value, time. We now have a real-time reporting of leaves, timesheets, tasks, purchases, travels, etc., allowing us to have much more control of our spending to make better forecasts; project management predictions, allocation of tasks and real-time project monitoring.

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Enterprise smartworking software for productive workplaces.

WEI Linhao

It looks really nice but communication function is weak

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-08-01
Review Source: Capterra

Time arrangement is very helpful. It marks every half hour's working content. The user interface looks beautiful.

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Enterprise smartworking software for productive workplaces.

SAPENTA pricing

Starting from
Pricing options
Free trial

Free 15-day trial available.
All prices are per user, per month.

Pay one year up front and get 2 months free

Special price 5€ user/month for start-ups (less than 5 users) and NGOs.

For over 100 users contact us for a personalised quote.

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SAPENTA Pricing Reviews

  • Visual interface, Calendars and Projects/tasks planning were great. It's integration with Google Calendar is a value, but a tag may appear so one can know if an event is coming from Sapenta or not (for example, eventually I found something in my calendar, but I didn't know what it is and only after some time I realized it was a Sapenta event).
  • In my case, there were a lot of options available, many more than I needed. A more basic design for starters will be helpful. Sometimes, some bugs appeared (missing buttons or repeated, once I received an e-mail 5 times repeated, ...) The pop-ups sometimes cover my full screen just after logging, being not practical. I will not show the pop-ups when logging, because if you have one or two is OK, when sometimes appeared a lot of them.
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SAPENTA features

Activity Dashboard

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Automatic Notifications (315 other apps)
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GetApp Analysis

More than just a collaboration solution, Sapenta is a multi-featured operational management app combining staff management, office management, travel management, project management, and real-time reports in one centralized platform. Its intuitive user interface enables SMEs to quickly move manual and silo-based operations to an integrated, fully digitized system where teams from different units are connected by a common workspace.

With core company functions in one cloud-based tool, Sapenta seamlessly joins together all activities and information streams, saving a company and its employees considerable time and effort in locating vital information. It increases visibility within the organization and provides decision-makers with immediate and actionable insights into workload, team and individual performances, and project or contract statuses.

Sapenta supports multiple languages and allows administrators to assign role-based access credentials commensurate with each user’s job function.

What is SAPENTA?

Upon signing in, Sapenta’s easily navigable dashboard shows you the tasks and activities that need your immediate attention. Planned trips are shown in the My Next Trips section of the dashboard, and upcoming milestones, risk alerts, and projects that are likely to exceed time and budget targets are prominently displayed in the Project Management screen.

Time tracking can be made automatic, so you don’t need to manually populate timesheets. Managers gain instant visibility into their teams’ workloads and how active tasks are progressing. Sapenta has ready-made integrations with Skyscanner and Expedia, allowing you to search for flights, hotels, and car rentals from within the app.

More comprehensive real-time reports can be generated via the Report menu, and filters are available so you only see the details that matter.

Who is SAPENTA for?

  • Experience level: Beginner to advanced
  • Industry: Knowledge-intensive SMEs such as technology or hi-tech companies, consultancies, and creative industries
  • Business size: Startups and micro companies to midsized enterprises
  • Departments/roles: All company roles
  • Budget/point: Modular pricing starts at €2.49 per user per month
  • Example customers: IRIS, Imdimo3D, IFESA, and IT-NOVA

Main features

Main Dashboard

Sapenta’s dashboard is divided into several sections: the module and reports bar on top, which also contains the language selection dropdown and the gear icon for your profile and other settings. The timeline on the left-hand side shows a visual summary of your activities for the day, which are automatically extracted from your calendar. What’s New streams all relevant company updates in real time, for example when you’ve been added to a project.

The What’s Pending section displays the processes where action is needed, either from you or another person involved in a workflow you’re following, such as a purchase request you submitted that’s awaiting administrator processing. My Next Trips on the right-hand side displays your upcoming trip schedules, including the particulars of your booked flight, if applicable.

Just below My Next Trips is the Who’s Where section, which shows the team members who are out on holiday, on sick leave, at an external meeting, working from home, and so on – a handy feature if you’re planning on a coaching session or team huddle. At the bottom is your calendar that provides a monthly, weekly, and daily view of your tasks and activities.

Staff Management

Sapenta’s Staff Management module covers two essential processes: time tracking and leave management. Selecting “Time Tracking” from the Staff Management menu on the top right-hand side of your module bar takes you to your Sapenta calendar. Events and activities are plotted on the calendar, and at the end of each week, timesheets are sent to your manager for approval. Managers have the option to approve or deny the timesheets submitted to them.

Effective workforce management means that when staff take time off it doesn’t negatively affect the company’s operations by ensuring there are enough people to get things done on any given working day. Sapenta allows employees to submit their leave requests, which managers can subsequently deny or approve depending on projected workloads and the number of employees available for task assignments.

Office Management

Sapenta’s Office Management module allows companies to digitize their purchase and expense operations, saving on paper costs and eliminating human error. It simplifies procedures that are bureaucratic in nature, eradicating project delays arising from logistical bottlenecks.

From the Office Management menu in the module bar, click on “Purchases” to create a new purchase request. Key in the details, such as supplier, product code, description, unit price, VAT, and other information that include cost type, the project the purchase is associated with, department, and destination. Send, and once approved by your manager, the request goes to the purchase administrator for processing.

Sapenta’s Expenses feature automates expense reporting and facilitates the reimbursement of authorized expenses shouldered by an employee. The My Expenses tab lists the current status of each of your expense requests or reports: pending, approved, denied, processed, or paid.

Travel Management

Sapenta’s Travel Management module is equipped with travel booking and expense reporting tools. For travel bookings, click on “Reservations” from the Travel Management menu. Sapenta has built-in integrations with Expedia and Skyscanner, allowing you to browse, select, and pay for flights, hotel accommodations, and car rentals without leaving the application.

Once a purchase is made, an expense sheet is automatically created, the booking options you selected already added, and the user simply enters additions to the sheet during the trip. When managers approve trips, they not only see the selected options for approval, they also see the two cheapest ones to ensure employees are following the company’s expense policy.

Trip expenses are documented and reported via the Trip Expenses feature and must be associated with a travel request that has been previously approved.

Project Management

The Sapenta project management feature allows you to create new projects, assign team and individual tasks, set up alerts, keep track of your budget and schedule, and monitor your projects’ overall progress. When you click on “Projects” from the Project Management menu, the project management dashboard shows all of your projects and how they’re tracking against your time and budget targets. The Create a Project tab is where you plan and define your projects, and the Gantt tab shows you a color-coded snapshot of the performance of your project.

The Tasks functionality in the Project Management module is where tasks are created, assigned, and managed. Managers can create tasks for themselves and for their teams. Tasks are assigned on cards in the kanban board. Depending on a task’s progress, it can be moved from the To Do column to Doing, and then Done. To automatically track the time spent on each task, move the card to the Doing column and start the timer.


Sapenta readily integrates with travel management apps Skyscanner and Expedia. Its open API also allows businesses to connect any existing app or ERP they’re using, whether proprietary or from third-party providers.


Sapenta follows a simple, scalable pricing strategy. The full platform costs €7.99 per user per month. Companies opting for an annual subscription get two months for free. Sapenta can also be used on a per-module basis. Modules start at €2.49 per user per month.

Bottom line

  • Cloud-based app integrating various operational functions in one platform – staff management, project management, travel management, and office management
  • Real-time data synchronization across the entire platform
  • Easy to set up, intuitive user interface
  • Multi-language support: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, and German, with more languages to come
  • Straightforward pricing that starts at €2.49 per module

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Key features of SAPENTA

  • Task Mangement
  • Budget Control
  • Leave Management
  • Time Planner
  • Purchasing Management Tool
  • Expense Reporting Tool
  • Travel Booking Tools
  • Web-based Dashboard
  • Multiple Projects


- Efficiency: time savings

- Effectiveness: productivity & results/outcomes

- Greater employee collaboration: instant access to teams, information and common workspace

- Greater employee engagement: Meet worker aspirations for greater flexibility and autonomy without compromising productivity, visibility, control

- Reduce running costs and lower environmental footprint of working practices