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Seal overview

Seal is a contract discovery and analytics solution which enables enterprises to search for, sort, review and compare contract data using machine learning and natural language processing technology, plus data extraction tools. Seal’s platform is designed to help business in industries such as financial services, high technology, legal services, healthcare, and life sciences, enhance revenue opportunities, as well as mitigate risks and manage regulatory requirements.

Seal’s technology helps users find contracts of any file type across any network, and store them in a secure repository for quick and central access. Contract intelligence tools enable users to extract important contract information, such as contract dates, payment terms, pricing, incentives, as well as other terms and provisions, simply and accurately. Seal’s contract intelligence tools aim to help enterprises reduce risk, optimize customer relationships, perform spend analysis, and more.

Custom search policies help users identify risks or revenue opportunities specific to a line of business, or an entire organization. With integration support, Seal enables users to extract contract data, and push it directly into the target CLM, CRM, ERP or procurement system. Users can utilize Seal to manage various regulations including SR 14-1, IFRS 15, IFRS 16, QFC, and more. As a cloud-based solution, Seal gives users the flexibility to manage contracts, and analyze contract data anytime, anywhere, via any internet-enabled device.


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Seal features

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Third Party Integration

API (441 other apps)
Activity Tracking (218 other apps)
Audit Trail (183 other apps)
Auditing (266 other apps)
Compliance Management (213 other apps)
Custom Fields (202 other apps)
Customizable Reporting (271 other apps)
Data Import/Export (262 other apps)
Document Storage (198 other apps)
Inventory Management (213 other apps)
Inventory Tracking (209 other apps)
Invoice Management (197 other apps)
Monitoring (201 other apps)
Real Time Data (236 other apps)
Workflow Management (233 other apps)

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Additional information for Seal

Key features of Seal

  • Disparate data collection
  • Image extraction
  • IP address extraction
  • Sell dide (Customers)
  • Buy side (Suppliers)
  • Document extraction
  • Pricing extraction
  • Approval workflow
  • Notifications
  • Access controls
  • Collaboration tools
  • Business data extraction
  • Data visualization
  • Contract intelligence
  • Business-friendly dashboards
  • Contract management
  • Risk assessment
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Spend analysis
  • Third party integration
  • Search, sort & compare contract data
  • Contract discovery
  • Custom search policies
  • Clause tracking
  • Risk exposure management
  • Contract assessment
  • Assignment management
  • Regulatory requirements management
  • Activity management
  • Centralized contract repository
  • Contract data migration
  • Customer data analysis
  • CRM integration
  • Contract data sharing
  • Legal risk
  • Natural language processing
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Seal’s machine learning and natural language processing technology enables enterprises to locate contracts of any file type across any network, and store them in a secure, centralized repository.
Contract intelligence tools allow users to extract important contract details automatically, including information such as start dates, and renewals, as well as other terms and provisions.
Custom extraction policies allow users to identify specific contract information for a particular event, need or organization.
Allows users to compare standard and non-standard clauses in order to detect risk.
Supporting third party integrations, Seal allows users to extract contract data, and send it directly into integrated CLM, CRM, ERP and procurement systems.