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ShipStation overview

As a multi-carrier, multi-channel shipping solution, ShipStation was designed to facilitate the shipping and fulfillment process for online retailers. Powering thousands of stores and processing millions of shipping labels per month, ShipStation is able to save merchants time and money by maximizing their shipping efficiencies. To accomplish this, ShipStation automatically retrieves and consolidates order information from over 40 sales channels, applies a preconfigured set shipping preferences to each order based on what you've specified, processes and prints customized shipping labels and packing slips—up to 500 in a single batch—automatically updates each store with shipping status and tracking information. When the label is created, we automate all customer communication, and provides consolidated reporting for immediate viewing. All of this happens automatically, seamlessly, and in real time. For those looking to outsource some or all of their shipping operations, including picking, packing, shipping and customer service, check out our integration with Fulfillment by Amazon!


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ShipStation reviews

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David K Addison

Test your shipping software - they're not all made the same

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-03-15
Review Source: Capterra

I moved from and cut my shipping and customer service time by 80%. I adopted this software at ~15 packages per day because it was more expensive than Bad move!!! Pay extra for ShipStation from the start. I've used ShipStation, ShippingEasy, ShipWorks,, Ordoro, and SolidCommerce with a few clients. My two favorite are ShipStation and ShippingEasy. They both have different strengths - sweat the small stuff because it really makes a difference if you're shipping 200+ packages a day. It's worth using two or more systems and then picking the best. The time spent is worth the effort. I use ShipStation for managing the shipping and customer service from my website, Amazon, Walmart, Jet, Ebay, and Etsy. The application is rock solid. Creating manual orders is simple, as is importing orders and combining shipments. I like that I can place orders on hold and setup future shipments. Other vendors like ShippingEasy cannot do this (yet). We get a fair number or orders that have a bad address and we're able to put orders on hold until we hear back from the customer. This shipping rules and kitting options are fairly robust. It is easy to identify return customers (this is something not done well by other platforms). The UI is very buttoned-up. ShipStation also has a superior "Search Customers" function that will search on 3 and 4 part names, city, state... Some of the other vendors fail here. Having good search reduces customer service time.

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Matthew Janzen

With ShipStation, I know there is someone on the other end that cares about my experience

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-02-12
Review Source: GetApp

• I was assigned a specific person as my customer service representative, and when I called with an issue, one of the customer rep picked up the phone and answered my question on the spot; meaning, I didn't have to dial a ton of menu options or wait on hold at all to speak with a person. She is also very responsive to emails. We tend to look at websites and applications as faceless businesses, but with ShipStation I know there is someone on the other end that cares about my experience. • Integrates seamlessly with Squarespace Commerce account • Automatically marks order fulfilled when a shipping label is printed • Connects to printer easier than

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Krzysztof Hejnar

Not perfect but very good

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-01-29
Review Source: GetApp

I was impressed with options you have in this software to speed up shipping proces. I sell in multiple platforms ( eBay, amazon, and my own ecommerce store) and ship station import all orders into one place. No more login into each of them and ship from there I also ship with multiple carriers ( USPS and FedEx) and there is where ship station is handy I am using for 5+ years and I ma very happy with it but stamps will not work with FedEx so I had to sort out orders by shipping method and ship USPS packages using and than log into FedEx to ship remaining orders from there. FedEx software it terrible ( on line and their shop software ) that it actually increase my shipping time that I was considering to drop FedEx shipping method from all stores. Ship Station make shipping much easier if you use multiple carriers and this is why I use it1) Import orders from multiple ecommerce platform 2) One software for multiple shipping carriers and method 3) Great email notification for clients, multiple options of emails and multiple templets 4)inventory tracking many other good futures

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Ryan Strain

Amazing Software, Great Support. Would Highly Recommend.

Reviewed 2017-02-25
Review Source: GetApp

Shipstation tracks packages, manages inventory, labels, and shipping. integrates easily with many different platforms (eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, ETC.) Ship station can also automate most client communications including eBay feedback, email marketing, messages, and much more. It's like having a custom built CRM that was specifically design for ecommerce / marketplace sellers. It's not something you HAVE to have; almost everything it does can be done manually. Trust me when I say that once you do use it,- you will wonder how you ever lived without it.- Customer service is awesome (live chat, phone, email, etc) You're also assigned your own dedicated representative that learns your business model & account. Helpful since they will learn your account over time with you. - It's inexpensive compared to similar software. - This a pro AND a con (see below) but you also get a free account with Shipstation. In reality its that handles your USPS labels (that includes billing for shipping). - The software just works. It does it's job and it does it extremely well.

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Mike Margol

Expansive Shipment Management

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-03-09
Review Source: Software Advice

There's no doubt that ShipStation is built well and has the necessary features to please companies of all sizes. We've found very few problems in our 2-3 years of utilizing the platform and it's the best solution we've found to this point. We would recommend the system to any company looking to expertly manage its shipping operations. Our publishing company utilizes ShipStation to handle inventory and shipping management. The system is extremely comprehensive, offering a robust feature set covering orders, shipments, products, customers, and reports. It's easy to set up multiple stores for different aspects of the business in order to keep the silos separate, and alerts draw your eye to the areas that need attention. ShipStation can also be seamlessly integrated with various e-commerce platforms so that orders are ported directly over and into the shipment queue. Once shipped, we enjoy the tracking features that allow our team to check shipment status whenever customers have inquiries. Additionally, there's an insight section that shows how many customers interacted with a their personal tracking pages, how many shipment notifications have gone out in a given time period, and general sales trends.

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No matter what ShipStation plan you choose, you’ll get USPS postage accounts, the ability to link up your own UPS, FedEx, DHL, and other carrier accounts, fantastical customer support, access to import your chosen sales channel’s orders, automation rules, and a crazy amount of time savings from all our features.

All our plans come with a free all-access 30-day Trial! Try out the app today to see how we can work for you.

ShipStation features

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Additional information for ShipStation

Key features of ShipStation

  • Let Amazon lighten your fulfillment with our FBA integration
  • Support for thermal & desktop printers
  • Consolidated view of all orders from all stores
  • Print directly to any printer
  • Automate your shipping with hierarchical rules
  • Branded shipping labels / packing slips
  • Print labels and packing slips in batch, up to 500 at a time
  • Pre-filled international customs forms
  • Combine and split orders
  • Multiple warehouses / locations
  • View product images for increased packing accuracy
  • User auditing and permissions management
  • Establish product specific shipment settings
  • Generate USPS SCAN Forms for better tracking
  • Order status and tracking info
  • Customized email confirmations
  • Tracking numbers
  • Returns portal
  • Business tools and workflows
  • Customize views & build filters
  • Compare prices with real-time rate information
  • Send restock reminder email & fulfill from other warehouses
  • See all orders and get new order alerts
  • Display product photos on packing slips
  • Scan a barcode
  • Coupons and promotional offers
  • Third party integrations
  • Connect selling channels, carriers, and integration tools
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ShipStation is completely web-based, offers a 30-day FREE trial and includes a FREE USPS Postage account. Our highest priority is always about maximizing the customer experience. Whether it be ShipStation's friendly user-interface, rich and robust features set, time-saving tools, or exceptional seller support, ShipStation strives to deliver the highest quality shipping product and service available on the market today. Check out what others have said about ShipStation by visiting our stories page! (Or read the reviews below.)