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Skyland PIMS

Cloud-based solution for statistical analysis

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Skyland PIMS overview

What is Skyland PIMS?

Skyland PIMS is a cloud-based statistical analysis solution that helps enterprises in the life sciences industry monitor data related to products, patients, and business processes. It enables managers to review organizational performance using actionable analytics, and generate CPV reports in compliance with industry standards.

Skyland PIMS allows businesses to store patient details in a centralized database, and display patient records using medical charts. Users can configure verification settings as well as target control limits, and maintain an audit trail of approval dates. Plus, it lets managers enforce role-based access among employees, and collaborate with team members on data entry processes.

Skyland PIMS enables enterprises to track batch release statuses, and filter records based on operational units, date range, or metadata status. Users can edit process definitions by adding parameters with details including name, description, data type, unit of measure, status or class. Skyland PIMS also allows users to add attachments, notes or documents to parameters, improving operational efficiency across processes.


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Skyland PIMS features

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Key features of Skyland PIMS

  • Batch Management
  • CPV Reporting
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