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TradeGecko overview

TradeGecko provides a powerful cloud-based commerce platform for growing companies. We are at the heart of our customers’ workflows.

We work with thousands of amazing commerce businesses in over 90 countries who transact more than USD 3.7 Billion value of goods using our platform. Customers who are running their business operations on TradeGecko cover a wide range of industries including fashion & apparel brands, cosmetics, health & wellness, food & beverage and many others.

TradeGecko is built for expanding businesses, looking to sell into new channels and access new markets. Our software runs the back office and provides vital operational information to other business-critical software systems while connecting with supply chain partners in real-time. Embrace sales growth with confidence by letting technology manage increasingly complex workflows and scalability requirements. We support businesses that operate with multiple users, sales channels, warehouses, currencies and tax requirements, as well as CRM tools and integrations that are essential to businesses including accounting software, marketplaces, and many other tools.

We integrate with the best eCommerce accounting, shipping and operational tools available. Our app ecosystem offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to manage every part of your supply chain. What's more, with access to the TradeGecko API, you can develop integrations with third-party apps, create custom hooks into 3PL providers and more.

Treat wholesale buyers as individuals with TradeGecko's B2B eCommerce Platform. Invite buyers to a branded online purchase experience that is customized for them. Create unique price lists for each buyer, including products, discounts and minimum order quantities. With integrated payments platform TradeGecko Payments, you can also get paid 3X faster on wholesale invoices.

TradeGecko Mobile is the secret weapon your sales team has been waiting for. Built offline-online use, its perfect for tradeshows. Impress potential customers with a beautiful product catalog and take orders on the spot. It even comes with barcode scanning functionality!

TradeGecko enables the growth your business deserves by providing operational excellence, peace of mind, a best-in-class product and a team that evolves, adapts and grows with our customers, at every stage of their journey.


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TradeGecko screenshot: Our top add-ons for a complete system syncing all your inventory, sales channels, accounting, and shippingHow TradeGecko is Enabling Effortless CommerceTradeGecko screenshot: Get insights into your business with our business intelligence featureTradeGecko screenshot: TradeGecko dashboard within the appTradeGecko screenshot: TradeGecko B2B eCommerce portalTradeGecko screenshot: Sell on the go with TradeGecko MobileTradeGecko screenshot: Dashboard on Tablet | TradeGeckoTradeGecko in 30 seconds

TradeGecko reviews

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support
Kristof Verstraeten

Basic plan

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-06-06
Review Source: Software Advice

- Add additional languages: dutch / french / german - Make own translations / rename possible (example: products and variants being able to change/rename or translate to own choice) - Tradegecko support: receive an email confirmation when opening a new ticket or replying in a ticket. Only replies by tradegecko are email notified. I, for example, open the same ticket 3 times in a row as it disappeared after a couple of minutes with any feedback = it appears that the support team moved the ticket for further investigation and there for it was disappearing in my account (MY ACTIVITIES)Fast and reliable website / webportal = cloud based Ipad app Intelligence functions Magento connection Had a problem with the Magento stock status, took a while to explain, understand and proceed but an adjustment by the tech team saved us = so big ups for standing open for malfunctions/adjustments!

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Inventory & Order Management Software

Rafael Cornejo

A bad software package

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-07-05
Review Source: GetApp

I appreciate TradeGecko’s effort to have a competitive software package, but their offering is still far away from that. Their programming skills seem questionable since the company I work for had to hire and pay for our own programmer that would fix their problems… So we can have a reliable service Seems that their marketing strategy is to make it very compatible (see the list of add-ons above); hence, marketableas “compatible”. I appreciate that too; however, Tradegecko seems to be implementing what they know… I question what that is, including but not limited to accounting procedures, programming, warehouse operations or work experience. These are some of the problems I have had so far because I have to use this software: Returns can only be attached to an invoice, so if the customer does not provide the original invoice number, we can’t do anything in TradeGecko – adjust in QB and then we have to adjust the quantities in TradeGecko. NOTE that our customers are retailers so if their clients return an item they are also clueless. Still ongoing problem. We run a sales history report to show invoices paid within a time period, the report returns invoices created on said time period that are paid. New problem, but the report used to work. We want a sales report showing all sales reps in one report, we can only run reports showing one sales rep at a time or all sales without sales rep information. Ongoing problem. Connectivity is very slow, we are in the U.S. running Windows 10 desktops and don’t know where their servers are. Still ongoing problem We have to refresh the screen every time we enter information, otherwise the new data may not update on it’s own. It can take anywhere from 10-30 seconds before I stop seeing the “logging into your account hello[user]”. Still ongoing problem Inventory turnover is very important, but they don’t offer a default report showing stock valuation per date. It’s either today’s information or we have to add a code string at the end of another report to see the value at a specific date. Ongoing problem I'm not disputing the positive reviews, just would like to know if any of the readers have the same problems I have AND how you solved them, if ever.Keeps track of complex items and variants Integrates with QB Manages a lot of useful information

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Inventory & Order Management Software

Raymond Shuai

Poor Experience with Tradegecko

Reviewed 2016-01-28
Review Source: GetApp

We started a small confectionery business in October 2014, and needed a system to keep track of sales, stock and finances. After reviewing several platforms, we settled with Shopify for the POS and web store, TradeGecko for the inventory management, and Xero for accounting. The idea was to integrate these platforms so a sale in the shop will flow through Shopify to Tradegecko, and then to Xero. At that time, Shopify could not link directly to Xero and could not calculate basic cost of goods sold for accounting purposes. We went for TradeGecko to overcome these issues, and because the front end of the software is very user friendly for keeping track of over 1000 SKUs. On paper, and if it all worked TradeGecko would be fantastic. In practice, there have been data synchronisation issues from the very beginning which TradeGecko has admitted they cannot fix. Our experience with their customer service has been very frustrating, and they now recommend that we leave TradeGecko for another system. We are therefore going through a painful and expensive process of migrating to Dear Systems, which we also use for another business and which has worked seamlessly. The synchronisation issues are straight forward and we have never understood why they cannot be resolved. Everyday, we have about 200-500 sales through our POS that flow through to TradeGecko via two Shopify accounts (amazingly Shopify POS only allows one shop per account, so we need two Shopify accounts for two shops). On some days everything then flows through to Xero fine, but far too often several sales will be missing. Because of this, our accountants have to spend between 15 minutes and 3-4 hours trying to manually reconcile the missing amounts between TradeGecko and Xero. This extra work has been costing us over US$1,000 per month alone. In addition, TradeGecko cannot as at the end of 2015 split out total amounts by payment methods. As a retail shop, we settle most of our transactions by cash, but also have credit cards, debit cards, contactless cards, etc. We have to manually download every transaction daily and use a pivot table in Excel to tie figures to our bank statements. This adds another half an hour of work a day. Having used Dear Systems and TradeGecko extensively for a period of time, I can say that we made the mistake of liking the look of TradeGecko over its function. Dear Systems has since also updated their user interface. We and our accountants have spoken and explained the situation to probably every single member of TradeGecko’s technical team over the past 15 months. The number of times we have repeated ourselves and chased for a response is absolutely unbelievable. We were promised fixes along the way, but eventually even TradeGecko has given up. We feel very disappointed and let down by TradeGecko, whose final solution was for us to either continue with our manual workarounds or migrate to another platform, which is also a big disruption for a small business like ours. We hope that other small business owners can avoid what we experienced. We have wasted a lot of time and energy on TradeGecko instead of focusing on our business. It is a stress that we did not need.

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Inventory & Order Management Software

Chris Monery

Has gone down hill

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-05-18
Review Source: Software Advice

Been using trade gecko for years and sticked with them as our business has gone strength to strength. However I feel they have really gone down hill. Before their support was great, now it feels like nothing is being done, all the time its users money but not them. There are a lot of features. B2b portal is great. I dont think there are many softwares out there which do everything TG can do

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Inventory & Order Management Software

Phill Dromgool

Love it

Reviewed 2015-07-19
Review Source: GetApp

I have had a few bumps along the way with Tradegecko, but overall I love it. I was with Unleashed for 2 years when I heard about the Tradegecko integration with WooCommerce, which was exactly what I needed. I decided to do a quick trial in January to scope out the system for a potential end of financial year change over at the end of March. Within 2 hours I had decided to fully implement the system immediately. Mine is a particularly complex installation as I have a large number of WooCommerce extensions. Tradegecko has been relatively stable, but there have been a few learning experiences. I was recently asked what I thought were the benefits of Unleashed over Tradegecko and my reply was that there, are none. The WooCommerce integration is a huge benefit for me, but even if that was taken away, I feel that Tradegecko has the edge. Unleashed does not do tax inclusive pricing well. If you are a wholesaler then this might not be much of a problem, however, if you are retailing too it does become an issue. Tradegecko seems to have solved these technical difficulties and it makes the system much easier to use.

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Inventory & Order Management Software

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Business - $599/month
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TradeGecko Pricing Reviews

  • All of it. The whole thing.
  • Price, data tracking, B2B options
  • Great customer support User friendly Affordable
  • A great user interface Easy to use. Not too expensive
  • I didn't find anything so far
  • Doesn't integrate with Vend POS yet
  • Unfortunately great quality comes at a cost.
  • wish the app was accessible from all membership levels
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GetApp Analysis

Inventory and order management is a pain. Especially for the SME wholesalers and online retailers that just want to concentrate on growing their business rather worrying about operations. Managing inventory is a laborious process dominated by clunky spreadsheets, expensive ERP software and of course, riddled with human error. These days you simply can’t take the chance of a stock-out by leaving it up to Fred in the warehouse or the back room.

This is where TradeGecko jumps in. The software is aiming to change the way business-to-business commerce is done. TradeGecko positions itself as an inventory management system for wholesale and online retailers to manage their inventory. And it delivers: its functions range from multiple warehouses, user management, taxation in local currencies, analytics and projections, orders, sales, etc. However, like any good tech company, it goes beyond the core functions and gets into the real pain points of a growing business.

TradeGecko’s real potential shines when you integrate its inventory system with your accounting software and your online eCommerce stores. This allows you to create a centralized system that keep stocks synchronized across stores and automatically pushes invoices to your accounting. It’s a no brainer to say, but this translates into huge efficiencies.

What is TradeGecko?

TradeGecko is trying to make wholesale and retail commerce effortless with cloud-based inventory management tools designed to streamline complex processes. The solution includes key features such as automatically updating inventory levels when sales and purchasing orders are generated, powerful reporting and analytics, and omni-channel eCommerce integrations.

Businesses that use TradeGecko benefit by decreasing the effort that goes into making sales, purchases, and managing accounts and inventory levels. TradeGecko unifies these elements into a single process and becomes a source of truth for all matters regarding orders and inventories. Using TradeGecko can help businesses prevent tying up capital in inventory that's not moving, or missing out on sales because of inadequate inventory.

Who is TradeGecko for?

  • Experience level: All levels
  • Industry: All industries
  • Business size: Small and medium sized wholesale and online retailers
  • Departments/roles: CEOs, salespeople, warehouse managers, office administrators
  • Budget/point: Pricing scales depending on the size of the business but starts at $99/month
  • Example customers: Porter Lyons, Wanderer Bracelets and Superlove Merino

Main features

Automated Inventory Management

With TradeGecko, sales and purchase orders automatically trigger updates to company inventory levels. These inventory control features improve internal tracking and stock movements, and allow businesses to optimize inventory levels based on anticipated demand.

TradeGecko sends automatic alerts whenever it’s time for you to reorder products based on sales orders and purchase orders, helping to ensure you won’t experience the dreaded stockout. The platform also allows you to have real-time data about inventory levels, including specific product location information.

Reporting & Analytics

Real-time sales reports are accessible at any time, allowing managers to make more strategic business decisions based on actual records of inventory, sales, and purchase orders. Users can generate sales history reports by product, customer, sales rep, and channel. They can also generate sales order reports by customer, product, product type, channel, sales rep, location, and time period.

Click the Intelligence tab on your TradeGecko account to begin reviewing reports and analytics. TradeGecko’s reports make it easier to identify top customers, popular products, and which sales channels have the greatest ROI. You can also use TradeGecko to determine which warehouses or sales reps are most vital to your organization.

Omni-Channel eCommerce Integrations

TradeGecko supports omni-channel eCommerce services such as Shopify and BigCommerce. By adding new sales channels, businesses can increase revenue with a minimal investment of time or money. These integrations also make it easier for businesses to avoid stockouts and efficiently manage orders placed on multiple channels around the web.

Using TradeGecko, you can upload your product information to multiple eCommerce channels at one time. Just update the information in your TradeGecko account, and the application will automatically push that data to third-party eCommerce channels. This ensures that your online shops are always updated with the latest product stock information.

Customer Relationship Management

In an effort to generate loyalty among customers, businesses can use TradeGecko’s customer relationship management (CRM) tools to record customer purchasing histories and individual preferences. For example, it’s possible to save a customers billing details, addresses, and clothing sizes in order to facilitate easier online shopping on future orders.

Through the Relationships tab, you’ll have access to an array of customer management features. Track customers and orders by status, and record customer order histories automatically. You can add default discounts for certain customers, along with default tax rates for certain companies in your database. Advanced features allow you to restrict access to your CRM database to certain members of your team.

Order Fulfillment

TradeGecko’s expedites the process of order fulfilment by integrating channels, locations, and processes. Managers have complete visibility of the entire workflow. In addition to order booking and order sourcing, TradeGecko also helps with order processing, shipping, and even managing returns.

One of the ways that TradeGecko can help you save time is by allowing you to automatically create shipping documents, such as packing slips and shipping labels, for the products you ship out. These documents are created from sales orders, eliminating one of the pain points that often comes along with order fulfillment.


TradeGecko offers 15 integrations, with plans to expand to another 15 by 2016. Currently, TradeGecko has core integrations for finance, such as Xero and Quickbooks, and eCommerce, such as Shopify and Big Commerce. TradeGecko will soon be adding additional integrations, including Salesforce, Etsy, and eBay.


TradeGecko works on a monthly subscription model, starting at $99 per month for a basic plan, $249 per month for a business plan, $449 per month for a business premium plan, and $999 per month for the enterprise plan. The difference between these plans has to do with the number of allowable users, integrations and add-ons.

Bottom line

  • Simplifies and streamlines business commerce
  • Consolidates finance, inventory, and eCommerce systems
  • Uses sales and purchase orders to automatically update inventory levels
  • Removes duplication of effort in B2B commerce
  • Core integrations in finance and e-commerce

Videos and tutorials

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Key features of TradeGecko

  • Private B2B eCommerce platform enables wholesale online
  • Real-time analytics and reporting
  • Manages multiple warehouses efficiently
  • Automatically updates stock levels whenever sales are made
  • Integrates with sales channels: Shopify, Amazon & more
  • Manages inventory & orders through one central hub
  • Integrates with Xero and Quickbooks to manage accounting
  • TradeGecko Mobile on iOS enables wholesale on-the-go
  • TradeGecko Payments lets you enable customers to pay online
  • Backordering
  • Batch & expiry tracking
  • Inventory reports
  • Price lists


Access - Gain real time visibility of stock availability
Connect - Seamlessly integrate your sales channels
Learn - Sell smarter, engage with more customers and more opportunities
Grow - Expand your sales channels by using our proprietary tools

As well as these unique features to help you increase sales and improve cashflow:

+ TradeGecko Mobile on iOS is a must-have tool for any sales team when at a trade show. An offline to online order catalog, with optimised product images and barcode scanning functionality.

+ B2B eCommerce Platform: Branch out into wholesaling with our B2B eCommerce Platform. TradeGecko gives you granular control, letting you set custom prices, discounts, and branding.

+ TradeGecko Payments: TradeGecko invoices come with a “Pay Invoice” function to facilitate a faster payment experience. See your latest transactions on the TradeGecko Payments dashboard.