Versentia Features


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Versentia Feature Summary

  • Auto-generated PDFs based on field surveys
  • Batch printing of reports
  • Field location management
  • Client management
  • Action histories
  • Customizable options on a per client/location basis
  • Executive, financial & operations dashboards
  • Data filtering by month, quarter & year
  • Auto-routing & optimization
  • Manual route editing
  • Route scheduling
  • Google Maps integration
  • Service agreement creation
  • Custom survey creation
  • Survey review & editing
  • Online invoice payment
  • Payment history tracking
  • Customizable billing options
  • Customer portal
  • Inspection requests
  • Question submissions
  • File scanning & storage
  • Inquiry progress tracking
  • Status management system
  • Search functionality
  • Customizable search fields
  • Off Line Capability
  • Email Distribution
  • GPS Tracking
  • Event Scheduling
  • Safety Management
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Automatic Notifications

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Versentia Feature Reviews

2 reviewers had the following to say about Versentia's features:

Robert Ognjenovic

Great Field Software


It has helped us create a more efficient backend with scheduling, routing and customer management, as well as allow our field staff to utilize a platform that easily compliments their skill set and the data they need to collect.

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Customer support
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Simon Ng

Great software! A+


The key to this platform is the fact that the in-the-field piece works so well with our technicians.

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Customer support
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