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The All-In-One Software for Service Contractors

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Wintac is the best-selling all-in-one business management software from Intac International Inc. Over 8,000 companies and 60,000 end users automate their field service businesses with Wintac. Wintac combines all of the following capabilities into one software program: scheduling and dispatching, customer relationship management, work history tracking, equipment installation and service tracking, inventory management, estimating and proposal writing, job costing, task building and flat rate pricing, purchasing, bill paying, and accounts payable, financial reporting and graphing, employee and payroll management, vehicle service and maintenance, marketing and lead management.


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Brittany Vigneault

Do Not Get This Software for Your Company

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-02-13
Review Source: GetApp

The idea behind this software is great. It has a spot for me to add all the information I need to. Technicians can dial in from their iPads out in the fields. Other than that... this software just raises my blood pressure. I can't write enough bad reviews about this software.

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The All-In-One Software for Service Contractors

Aaron Yoder

At this current moment I cannot recommend

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-05-19
Review Source: Capterra

We are a company in the Plumbing & HVAC Industry. We switched about 2 years ago to Wintac because we felt it was what we needed to replace our old system that had problems on their server based program that when messed up we couldn't do anything about. This was actually the main reason we considered Wintac because it is based on our servers not theirs so if something messes up we can fix it. If they switch to cloud based like they are thinking it will be really hard for us to keep them with how they currently work. Wintac is pretty decent when it comes dispatching, purchase orders, and one place for all customer information but there is a lot of problems within the program too. First off it messes up a lot during the day a lot of errors and different things. We have to run housekeeping & user refreshes a lot even though they say you don't need to do that anymore with this years version. Also with all the information we have we feel like the system runs slow especially when you do searches. When you try to get a hold of customer support a lot of times they either need to return calls or when you email them rarely do we here back. Live support doesn't work very good either because they just tell you they will let their engineers know and then next update comes around & no fix for the problem. The biggest issue we have though is with the accounting features inside the program. We do not like using secondary programs like Quickbooks & we were told that the accounting within the program was pretty good but it is not. Their reports change all the time even when we have done anything like add income or expenses. Also now with their latest update invoices that have already been paid are showing back up under A/P Bills. It just isn't sufficient enough for accounting. All in all the program could use a decent amount of work we will stick with them for awhile but if problems like this keep happening it won't be long. A lot of the things that need fixed have either been problems for the 2 years we have had the program or are problems that arise after new updates are put out but then haven't been fixed since the new update was put out. If you are considering this software I would only recommend it based off the fact it is solely on your own server you don't have to worry if their servers go down. Most other companies are ran on their server or are cloud based. If Wintac does that like they are considering I can't recommend them. Dispatching, Purchase orders attaching to jobs, WIPs all in one place, based on your on network not their network

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The All-In-One Software for Service Contractors

Donald Horenzy

Issues with the software

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-01-09
Review Source: Software Advice

Even though they have been around 25 years but in the service field less 5 yrs - the software has several problems. We had made several attempts to help with issues that we have been having from the beginning of us buying the software. The use of the web side in the field is very slow and becomes jammed when using it. Now if they could put more work on the App version they have it would be more user-friendly. Equipment management is very poor where we would enter equipment model and serial numbers then they would disappear. It is an all in one software and has a mobile app.

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The All-In-One Software for Service Contractors

Cooper Hazzard

A little wonky, but very powerful

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-11-14
Review Source: Software Advice

I run a plumbing and remodeling company. For a long time now I have been looking into software that combined our dispatching, invoicing, inventory, and did it all wirelessly. I found Wintac while looking around on the internet. There were a few other options, but none of them included all of the functionality I was looking for. Their sales staff was very good, and offered a free 30 day trial. This trial was very limited, and basically just a demo to show off the UI. It was enough to sell me. Everything changed after I purchased the software. The tech support was really good, but I opted out of their "bootcamp" plan that helps get you familiar with the product. I am not sure if that was a good deal or not. Either way, it was a very steep learning curve. Like I said, the program is very powerful, so there are many, many features. While powerful, the UI is clunky and unintuitive. The program has a tendency to lockup, throw error codes, and crash. A lot of this has to due with the dispatch screen. I am running a powerful server, and the PCs for the terminals are decent enough that this issue isn't a performance issue. I believe a lot of it has to do with using Microsoft Access as a back end. We got the dispatching and invoicing side of things up and running first. The web portal set up is very complicated, but their tech support handled it. We had several issues with the IP that we had to work out between Wintac and our telecom provider. Eventually everything got worked out and we were up and running. We switched over to Xcharge as our merchant processor, since they have direct integration with the Wintac software. It works fairly well, but it too is wonky. The interface between Wintac and Quickbooks works very well, when it works. For whatever reason, it often will toss out an error code, failing to send either/both the invoice or receipt to QB. This is very frustrating, but you get used to it. I have finally started using the inventory management side of the program. Again, it is wonky and unituitive, but powerful. You can have up to 20 different locations and manage each one's inventory separately. I haven't gotten there yet, but I will control each vans' inventory using this. Right now I have my warehouse inventoried, though it isn't an active one yet. I am working on a process where the guys request inventory, and it gets recorded as such. The UI to control all of this is strangely formatted and seems tacked on. Strange, because the abilities it has are powerful. Overall, this software could be extraordinary. It is held back by a poor UI and bugs. It certainly does what is promised, but it makes it much harder than it needs to be with the clunky UI. I give it 4 stars, deducting one because of the painful interface.Power - It can do a huge amount of things. Wireless - The web portal lets you schedule your guys, invoice the customer, manage inventory, and get paid all without a piece of paper. It prevents double entry as well. Flexibility - You can set up your dispatching in a number of different ways and tag them with custom fields that allow you to sort through it quickly.

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The All-In-One Software for Service Contractors

Tavie Gordon

Software overflowing with problems

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-08-29
Review Source: Capterra

When we first bought this software program, we had asked a series of questions to make sure this was the right product for us. Turns out, over a third of the questions we asked and were told this program could do, was nothing more than a flat out lie. But they could do what we asked if we paid several thousand dollars more than we had already paid, to add in these features we were told that the software already had. We have been using this software for 2 years now, and are have nothing but problems. I am only going to list the bigger issues we have, mainly because, I¿m not writing a novel here, just a review. -We haven¿t been able to fill our 2015 taxes so far this year, because our income and expenses from 2014 change every day. We have not been making any changes where these numbers should be changing in any way. This is an extremely serious issue, so far their tech support hasn¿t been able to tell us why this is happening. -When we go to look up a customer, more than half the time, the customer account won¿t show up, as if there is no account at all. Then, same with when we finally do get into the account, half of the service history is just gone. Most the time the accounts will show back up, we will either need to restart the program or open on another computer and then they will be back. But we have lost a few accounts to this glitch, where they never showed back up. -When writing checks to our vendors, I will put in the amount that needs to be paid, but once the check is written, it is for a complete different amount. This will happen about a third of the time when writing checks, and I have yet to find any reason why this is happening. -Taxes are not updated annually. Federal taxes should be and need to be updated annually. -There have been 11 updates to this software so far this year, each causing more problems, one of the most recent being, customer statements. Customer statements were printing the wrong amount due. -We have to run housekeeping on this software every day. Because if we don¿t, we are more likely to lose accounts, more reporting issues, more checks incorrectly written, etc. This software is junk. Their price makes it look good for what they say they offer, but with all these issues, it is a complete waste of money. Nothing

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The All-In-One Software for Service Contractors

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  • How quick it works
  • I like its simplicity and price.
  • Dispatch Board Invoicing Inventory list
  • Great technical support. Streamlines jobs.
  • No major cons
  • Inability to zoom on reports
  • It could work better with mapping
  • It takes some time to figure this thing out.
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Wintac features

Custom Fields

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#16 in Field Service Management (FSM)

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GetApp Analysis

Most field service technicians spend more time out of the office than in, and rely on mobile tools to complete daily tasks at remote locations. Wintac is an all-in-one business management solution that provides service contractors with the ability to run more organized, efficient, and profitable businesses.

Developed by Intac International, Wintac helps small to medium-size field service and contracting businesses deliver better customer service and eliminate waste. Through the Wintac Web Portal and app, service professionals are able to utilize the types of scheduling, dispatching, service tracking, inventory management, and equipment installation tools that are necessary to become more independent, productive, and informed while working in the field.

What is Wintac?

Focusing on the end-user experience, Wintac was designed to help service contractors deliver better customer service and increase operational efficiencies. The Wintac Web Portal and app helps accomplish this goal by providing field technicians with tools to be more independent and informed while working in the field.

The Wintac Web Portal and app provide field service technicians with the ability to improve communications, reduce on-site repeat visits, and streamline daily tasks and operations. The Wintac app allows business users to view, edit and update their own daily schedules in real-time. Technicians can add customers, jobs and notes on the fly, and they can drill down to review prior service history information for individual customers. Technicians can also create proposals and convert them into work orders that can be saved and emailed to customers on the spot or turned into invoices.

The Wintac app has offline capabilities, as well as online, which enable technicians to complete almost any task, anytime or anywhere. When a service network becomes available, the data entered offline updates and syncs back to the office, which eliminates the need for double entries.

Who is Wintac for?

Wintac Software was designed for small to medium size field service and contracting businesses. Wintac offers three editions of its product: Wintac Green, Wintac Pro and Wintac Fuel. These three editions cover the needs of virtually any type of field service operation.

Main features

Access to Customer Information

Field service technicians have 24/7 access to vital customer information with Wintac. This includes job histories and installed equipment. With customer and lead management tools, Wintac users may enter unlimited amounts of searchable notes for each customer, job site, and job.

Take better care of your current customers and prospects by adopting Wintac’s tools. You can instantly view complete job and billing histories for any customer, and attach things like photos, documents, and spreadsheets to any record. Automatic pop-up notices can be setup to remind you of critical information, as well.

Update Schedules From the Field

Service contractors who work offsite can view their daily schedules and update those schedules remotely while working in the field. Wintac’s scheduling, dispatching, and work order management tools feature daily, weekly, and monthly dispatch views, along with drag-and-drop, color-coded dispatching.

Get your schedule in order by adding the details of each day’s assignments to Wintac. Through the Job Control Center, you can schedule, dispatch, route, search, and sort jobs. Re-assign field technicians by dragging-and-dropping various jobs into place on the virtual schedule. Wintac’s boards come with modifiable layouts and color-coded statuses.

Complete Jobs Remotely

Using Wintac’s mobile tools, field technicians are able to select items from price lists, capture signatures, and attach photos and documents to customer histories while they work in the field.

Once you arrive on a jobsite, you can use a tablet computer to electronically capture the signatures you need on work orders, proposals, and invoices. Using a tablet, you also have the ability to generate job schedules, site directions, and routing sheets at any time.

Email Invoices & Apply Payments

Using Wintac, field technicians are able to create invoices for clients, email those invoices, and even apply payments all while working outside the office. Wintac’s software includes credit card processing integration.

Create professional proposals, quotes, and estimates using Wintac’s tools, and then convert those accepted documents into invoices with just one click. You also have the option to use task lists to generate invoices, work orders, and proposals.

Online/Offline Functionality

Offline capabilities allow technicians to work in areas with no or limited service, without needing to call their offices for information or updates. With the Wintac Web Portal and app, service techs have the information they need to enter and complete emergency jobs after hours, including viewing the customer history including any installed equipment with warranty information.

In the event that your service network becomes unavailable during the workday, you can continue using the Wintac app without an Internet connection. When your service network is re-connected, the data you entered offline will update and sync back to the office to eliminate double entries.


The Wintac Web Portal supports email integration, popular flat rate pricing programs, barcoding integration and credit card processing integration. XCharge (Wintac’s integrated credit card processing partner) allows technicians to swipe and process credit cards safely and securely from the field.


The Wintac app is available for free download with installment of the latest Wintac Web Portal. Package pricing starts at $2,495 for Wintac Pro, the company's most popular edition. All Wintac packages come with step-by-step onboarding programs, one-year of unlimited live technical support, and membership to the Wintac Online Users Group.

Bottom line

  • All-in-one provider for service technicians
  • Contractors can view, edit, and update schedules in real-time
  • Allows users to automate and manage their businesses from one program
  • Proposals are quickly converted into work orders and invoices
  • Reduces on-site repeat visits

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Key features of Wintac

  • Manage your scheduling and dispatching
  • Work Order Management
  • Track recurring service
  • Manage your inventory and equipment
  • Provide mobile access for technicians
  • Manage and create proposals
  • Job cost transparently
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Full integrated Accounting
  • Instantly access customer records and work history
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Marketing
  • Tom Tom Integration
  • Real-time business reporting
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