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Workflow management & business logic automation software

  0 reviews overview is a business logic automation and workflow management suite that can either be deployed on-premises or be hosted in the cloud. The software offers a range of features including forms management, task management, graphical charts, and data structure building tools. helps to automate processes such as communication, user task management, user workloads, and forms. The software provides various pre-built functions including scripts and queries to automate processes, update databases, process rules and assign tasks. The tool also lets users schedule workflows by date and trigger events based on other workflow outcomes. offers a graphical form designer that lets users create dynamic HTML forms using WYSIWYG tools. These forms can be used to start interactions and can be assigned to different users as a part of the workflow process. Users can also be informed about the tasks assigned through emails or by listing them on the web or mobile app. The software supports other functions such as task delegation, process tracking, and reporting. generates visual reports, dashboards, and charts using the report designer functionality.

The software also offers a library of ready-to-use steps that can help to configure workflows as well as supports user interaction through emails, texting or other communication mechanisms. integrates with databases, web services, MS-Excel, XML and other systems to support data import/export. The software can be accessed on various device types including mobile phones and tablets.


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English screenshot: Data mapping features are available in the mapping editorFlows | Workflow Designer Introduction by screenshot: Dashboard and reporting tools screenshot: Merge text from different data sources helps to quickly draft screenshot: Access the application from mobile screenshot: The application supports integration with other databases and web screenshot: The flow designer graphically displays the screenshot: The software helps to track, store and manage different screenshot: Users can design data structures using advanced editor tools reviews

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Subscription Fees: $2500 per month
Perpetual Fees: $40,000 one-time + 20% annual maintenance

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Workflow Management

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  • Graphical designers
  • Forms management
  • Summary reports
  • Workflow management
  • API
  • Mobile access
  • Text messaging
  • Email distribution
  • Integration to databases & web services
  • Activity dashboard
  • Automatic notifications
  • Alerts
  • Data import/export
  • Document management
  • Configurable workflow
  • Project management
  • Help desk management
  • Resource management
  • User task management
  • Database access
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• is a workflow management software that offers graphical flow and logic tools to facilitate the evolution, testing, and deployment of different business workflows.

• The software offers task management features that help to assign tasks to employees and to communicate with them through emails, texts or messages on the app.

• is easy-to-use and allows business analysts to automate various processes and extend the toolbox without the need to write code.

• The software supports a variety of form controls including text box, lists, grid, buttons and drop downs which improve the usability of the forms.

• The application offers dashboard and reporting features and helps users to trigger processes or additional actions directly from the dashboard.