How to add client and job in WorkflowMax


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How to add client and job in WorkflowMax

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Tim (WorkflowMax)

Tim: We jump into our clients menu here and see a nice, long list of clients that we can work with. To create a new one, nice and simple, we click "New Client," and we can fill in their information as we feel like it. Whether they got an account manager or a job manager, but really, I just want the client's name, so we call them "ABCD Pty Limited." Any contact details, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, all of that information can be saved there if we needed to and all we really need to do there is press save.

From there, we've got our client, or our brand new client, ready to go. To create a new job for that client, we can come to "New," click "Job," and what we need to do is be able to choose a template. With WorkflowMax, you can template your jobs. A template's a collection of tasks or activities that we're going to do on that job and any costs or third party costs that might be associated with doing that work. Going to choose a brochure job.

Any descriptions that we want to add, we can add in- we can have job states. We can customize those as well. So there's jobs in progress now. We're going to give this job a time frame, to the 30th of June, and let Nemo and myself work on this particular piece of work.

Once saved, we're ready to go with our job, start recording time, and also producing invoices.