How to create and send invoices in WorkflowMax


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How to create and send invoices in WorkflowMax

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Tim (WorkflowMax)

Tim: So we're going to create a progress invoice. I might say, add the money that's- let's create a $2,000 invoice here. I'm going to go to click next.

As you'll notice here, it comes in with a progress claim to date of $2,000 applying any relevant tax for your area and then hitting approve.

You can have fully custom branded quotes, purchase orders, and invoices in WorkflowMax. If I print that one, I think that might be the correct one. Nope, that's not the correct one, so we'll delete that one there. Jimmy?

So if I choose the correct invoice template, it will produce a nice custom branded template for me to send to the client, if needed. I can also, once approved, send that through Xero automatically. Xero being the accounting software have that sent from Xero as well if need be.

All of that information will come through. I can email that straight to the client, export it to Word, or send it to Xero with online payment options from Xero.

Once I have sent that invoice and come back into my job, I can then do a bit of analysis. So we like to know what we've made on a per job basis. As I come into here, I can have a look at my actual costs versus what we invoiced and have a look at my profit margin to date. If we had a quote on there, we could measure our estimated versus our actual cost as well.