Learn about every option in the Jobs and Business menus in WorkflowMax


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Learn about every option in the Jobs and Business menus in WorkflowMax

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Tim (WorkflowMax)

Tim: Not a problem. The jobs tab. We have our job manager, which is the top option here. That's where you go and manage all your jobs, where they're up to in their..., where you- let me just rephrase that, sorry. The jobs tab there will take you to our job manager which allows you to see where your jobs are up to at any point in time, how they're tracking where they're up to in their lifecycle, and also some information around your capacity of your staff members and any recurring jobs that may be out there as well.

We've got a task menu which will allow you to see your task for a week, a month, or over a quarter and then what you need to work through with the deadlines.

We've got a collaboration manager which is all around setting up and configuring the email address that you can use to send emails to jobs.

We've got a job schedule. We're just going to give you a Gantt style view of the jobs by job category or by job state in the system. We've got our staff schedule which, again, gives you a Gantt style view but by staff member where they're up to with their jobs and what's due for completion at any point in time.

Business menu's a little bit more robust. We do have a lead manager in the system. That's the top button there. Lead manager allows you to manage the new work that's coming in to the system, who's managing that park line, and what activities and conversations are being had to lose or win work.

We've got our quote manager, which is all around managing our draft and accepted quotes.

We've got our work in progress manager, which is all around managing WIP, which is the billable amount of time and cost in the system, and what we can potentially invoice our clients at any one point in time.

We've got our invoice manager which is about managing ... and having a look at our draft and accepted and overdue invoices. Purchases is all around managing purchase orders including bulk purchase orders where we can order from one supplier across multiple jobs. We've got our suppliers here and that's an area that allows us to manage our supply details.

We've got our time sheets. A time sheets tab allows us to view who has and who has not submitted their time sheets and also allows us to export those time sheets into payroll applications.

We've got our subscription menu, which is all around managing the subscription, any credit card details, and billing details.

We've got our settings menu, which is where we can set WorkflowMax up and make it work for us whether it be custom tasks, custom job templates, custom notifications- there's a whole lot of settings we have in the settings menu to make WorkflowMax work for their business.