The available integrations in WorkflowMax


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The available integrations in WorkflowMax

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Tim (WorkflowMax)

Tim: There's a number of different integrations that are possible with WorkflowMax. The main one that people use is Xero. WorkflowMax is actually owned by Xero. Xero Accounting Software has over half a million small businesses using it and the integration is nice and solid.

That integration includes the ability to send client information, invoices, purchase orders through to Xero and also retrieve information from Xero to make sure that those invoices are being paid and that we're staying on top of our [00:00:39].

We also have a number of other add-ons that seep around WorkflowMax. From the staff scheduling point of view, we have a software called WorkflowMax Plan which allows you to create a web-based diary in a more comprehensive way, drag and drop jobs between staff members.

We've also got WorkflowMax Touchscreen which is used primarily by some of our manufacturing clients to manage work on the shop floor.

We've got time tracking widgets that work with WorkflowMax. EndGame, Eon, Actual, and Prompt Timer are all widgets that allow you to record time on your desktop and send that information through to WorkflowMax. The Adobe widget there works with Adobe Creative Cloud products so you can record your time from within Adobe Creative Cloud and have that sync back to WorkflowMax.

We have CRM connections as well, so we do have a Salesforce CRM Connector, Exsalerate CRM is there, too. Effectively, when you win an opportunity in those CRM products that will create a job in WorkflowMax that you can then go and run. It's a nice end-to-end solution.

We've also got FORMBasic which is a website plug-in. Allows you to create a form on your website, so when someone fills that it, it relates- it sends that information straight to the lead manager in WorkflowMax.

We've got customer support as well. For our friends in the IT industry, Zendesk and Freshdesk- this allows you to record your time to get to the ticket and have that coming back into WorkflowMax so you can then charge the client for their support. [00:02:17]

We then have a number of payroll products. Using the time sheets in WorkflowMax, we can export those to the payroll products so we can ensure that we're paying our staff on time.

Document management is a big one. Systems such as Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive, we implement with those. Basically, WorkflowMax becomes a window to those application, so when you save a document into WorkflowMax, it will actually physically save in one of these solutions.

We've also got expense tracking with Receipt Bank. Take a photo of your receipt with Receipt Bank which is nice and easy. It sends out through to WorkflowMax. It gets the job so you can record any disbursements or costs.

We've got out financial reporting. Spotlight Reporting allows you to report on some additional features of WorkflowMax, additional data in WorkflowMax, and we'll wrap that back up with a new Xero files or other financial information.