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Workplace Mobile overview

With Workplace Mobile, hourly employees are able view the latest shift schedule remotely and in real-time, as soon as it’s published or updated. There’s no need for them visit their place of work to view their schedule, swap shifts (within business rules), request time off or accept extra shifts. All of these can be done remotely, from a mobile device.

Workplace Mobile's more collaborative approach to scheduling has been proven to increase employee engagement. Workplace Mobile considers hourly employees a revenue-creating resource rather than a cost to be controlled. Workplace has moved away from “controlling costs” with time and attendance monitoring, towards helping consumer-facing sectors to create schedules that improve their customer service.

Workplace Mobile helps businesses in the retail, transportation and hospitality industries to intelligently deploy sufficient employees with the right knowledge and selling skills, to increase customer satisfaction and maximize revenues.

Workplace Mobile with Workplace Schedule (a cloud-based application) enables businesses to forecast demand and schedule their workforce accordingly and effectively. Additionally, Workplace Mobile aims to provide performance visibility, increase employee engagement and improve customer service through a more agile and empowered work culture.


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Pricing is typically based on a per employee per week basis. Please contact us for full details. Workplace Mobile is included with Workplace Schedule and Workplace Enterprise.

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GetApp Analysis

Despite incredible advancements in business technology over the past decade, the basic task of creating employee schedules still frustrates most retail managers. Traditional spreadsheets introduce additional obstacles into the mix, since they can be difficult to decipher and time-consuming to generate. Workplace is a web-based application that takes a smarter approach to scheduling hourly employees. Using its mobile platform, managers are able to quickly generate employee schedules and send notifications in real-time when shift changes occur.

Workplace was created to meet the needs of businesses in the retail and hospitality industries. A few of the platform’s most important features include the ability to view schedules on mobile devices, receive notifications of changes as they happen, send alerts when new schedules are published, offer and accept extra shifts, and the ability to request time off or update preferences (such as hours of availability) through Workplace’s mobile app.

What is Workplace Mobile?

Workplace is a platform that helps mid-market retail and hospitality businesses run smarter and more efficiently. Specifically, the mobile solution can be used to generate hourly employee schedules that are optimized based on each business’ unique footfall patterns and sales activity levels. These Smart Schedules empower unit managers to provide the optimal level of scheduling at the right time, powered by intelligent forecasts and workforce flexibility. Workplace also provides a way for employees to engage and collaborate on the creation of their own schedules, which ultimately leads to higher levels of satisfaction and improved work/life balance.

Workplace isn’t just a solution for boosting employee satisfaction. The platform can also be used to drive revenue and increase customer service for retail and hospitality businesses. Workplace can be set-up to auto-generate weekly schedules based on employee availability, with Optimized Scheduling software that creates revenue-generating schedules based on workload demand information. Intelligent Forecasting and Business Intelligence tools also serve as a way for managers to gain more visibility with reports that contain Key Performance Indicators.

Who is Workplace Mobile for?

  • Experience level: All experience levels
  • Industry: Retail, hospitality, and transportation industries
  • Business size: Mid-market businesses
  • Departments/roles: Management and employees
  • Budget/point: Per-employee, per-week pricing
  • Example customers: Ritchies, Wireless Vision, Abellio, World Kitchen

Main features

Generating Schedules

The primary reason why most businesses sign up to use Workplace is for the application’s advanced schedule management tools. Workplace offers a way for managers to quickly and easily create weekly employee schedules, taking into account things like footfall demand and employee availability. Managers have the option to use template-based schedules or auto-generated schedules based on the days and times when their employees are available.

As a manager who uses Workplace, you have the ability to view schedules across all of the businesses you run. These schedules are updated in real-time, with notifications being sent out to employees when new shifts become available, or whenever new weekly schedules have been published. The schedules that you create using Workplace are designed to satisfy your company’s Key Performance Indicators and your employees’ time constraints.

Optimizing Employee Schedules

Workplace goes above and beyond basic scheduling spreadsheets, offering the latest tools for generating accurate schedules using workload demand information. This information is calibrated to improve service levels for hospitality and retail businesses, and it allows for the fine-tuning of labor hours against forecast demand.

Workplace understands that there’s more than one way to create a weekly employee schedule. In fact, the mobile platform comes equipped with auto-improvement that is able to generate millions of possible schedules taking employee preferences and availability into consideration. In addition to meeting your employees’ needs, Workplace also helps you meet your own goals. The system is designed to show how well each schedule satisfies the defined KPIs and business constraints.

Attendance Management

Weekly schedules only tell half the story. In order to accurately pay their employees, businesses need to use robust attendance management tools. Workplace offers its own attendance management module for managers to use.

Click on to your Workplace account to view the Attendance Management module. This module will provide you with the ability to highlight exceptions to scheduled hours in real-time and generate accurate attendance records with ease. You can then use this information to pay your employees based on the actual hours worked, rather than the hours scheduled.

Intelligent Forecasting

Workplace’s Intelligent Forecasting capability actually anticipates labor demand to increase the effectiveness of business schedules. Based on forecasted business activity and calculated labor demand, Workplace is able to predict traffic volumes and calculate staffing requirements.

Intelligent Forecasting tools can calculate labor demand in as little as 15-minute increments, which is incredibly useful for retail and hospitality businesses with hourly employees. In making these assessments, Workplace uses data on business drivers like sales, deliveries, and customer footfall patterns across periods of days or weeks.


Workplace integrates with a wide range of human resources (HR), traffic footfall, point-of-sale (POS), payroll, and business intelligence (BI) systems, including some household names like ADP, Workday, and Shoppertrak.


Workplace is available on a per-employee, per-week basis, which means businesses pay based on their actual usage of the application.

Bottom line

  • Scheduling tools powered by intelligently forecast demand and workforce flexibility
  • Helps businesses drive revenue growth through exceptional customer service
  • Empowers managers to create optimal schedules
  • Uniquely designed for mid-market trading companies
  • Promotes workforce flexibility and employee collaboration

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Key features of Workplace Mobile

  • Absence management
  • Attendance management
  • Scheduling
  • Optimized labor spend
  • Identify optimal schedules to maximize revenues
  • Group scheduling
  • Improve labor budgets
  • Real-time schedules with 24/7 access
  • Integration with T&A systems
  • Timesheet management
  • Automated scheduling
  • Mobile access


Real-time schedule updates via smartphone for hourly employees.

Employees are able to swap shifts, request time off and bid on shifts.

Remote access reduces impact on employee work/life balance by eliminating need to come onsite to get schedule.

Simple, intuitive interface ensures minimal orientation for use.

Business manages schedule rules to avoid lower-wage employees from trading hours with higher-wage employees.