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Facility Management Software with Scheduling

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Based on 1713 user opinions, we identified 6 features that are critical for any product in Facility Management Software

Work Order Management
Process of creating, assigning, and tracking the status of various jobs or tasks until completionAverage user rating


Preventive Maintenance
Minimizes equipment failures and optimizes asset reliability through scheduled inspections, repairs, and replacementsAverage user rating


Maintenance Scheduling
Schedule predetermined or ad hoc maintenance services and labor requestsAverage user rating


Maintenance Management
Planning and scheduling work orders to manage, maintain and track the performance of assets and equipmentAverage user rating


Real-Time Data
Receive information in real time immediately after it is generatedAverage user rating


Facility Scheduling
Schedule facilities, such as athletic fields, venues, and convention centers based on their availabilityAverage user rating


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MaintainX logo

Manage Maintenance and Operations. Without the Paper Stacks.

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MaintainX is the leading maintenance and work execution software trusted by over 6,500 companies worldwide.

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Asset Essentials logo

Improve productivity and drive smarter operations decisions.

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Asset Essentials is a cloud-based maintenance platform designed for daily advanced maintenance operations management, enabling you and your teams to make smarter operations decisions.

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Q Ware CMMS logo

Maintain Excellence

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Q Ware CMMS is a simple, easy-to-use, and affordable web-based facility maintenance management application.

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Fiix logo

The easiest way to plan, track, and optimize maintenance.

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Fiix, by Rockwell Automation company, is the #1 way to manage work, assets, and parts. Get a 360-degree view of costs, schedules, KPIs, and more. Boost asset performance and drive uptime with cloud and mobile capabilities, AI-driven insights, and the ability to connect with 1000s of business systems

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Yardi Facility Manager logo

Maintenance management software

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Yardi Facility Manager is a CMMS software designed to help businesses automate preventive maintenance, property inspections, and work order management. The platform enables administrators to complete service requests, inspections, and preventive maintenance using mobile applications.

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AkitaBox logo

Facilities management from the boiler room to the boardroom.

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You’ve found the ultimate facilities management tool - asset management, maintenance management, capital management, facility condition assessments, and inspections in one secure, seamless system. Yet so easy to use that even your technology-challenged team members will get it.

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FMX logo

Optimize your facilities and maintenance operations

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FMX is a web-based facility management solution for work orders, preventive maintenance, event scheduling, asset tracking and more.

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Cartegraph Asset Management logo

Manage every asset: indoors, outdoors, above and below.

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Cities, counties, states, utilities, educational institutions, and parks tap into Cartegraph's asset management, work order management, and space management software to better manage their assets, track maintenance work orders, optimize facility space, and spend smarter.

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Robin logo

Conference Room Scheduling, Desk Booking, Maps and Analytics

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Maintain floor plan updates and keep everyone in the know. Finally, there's a map that is useful to office managers, IT, and everyone else in the office. We'll work with you to import your maps, wherever your maps live today, whether its CAD, JPG, IWMS, or treasure.

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UpKeep logo

Asset Operations Management Software

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UpKeep is a mobile maintenance management software (CMMS) for facilities -- which allows users to manage their team, assign work orders, sync devices, and more.

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Wayleadr logo

Parking software for smart offices

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Arrive easier with Wayleadr trusted by global leaders like Uber, Universal Music, and eBay.

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ResortCleaning logo

Vacation rental cleaning software

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ResortCleaning is a housekeeping software for vacation rentals with key features of ResortCleaning include full integration of a number of property management systems and OTAs, powerful scheduling, bookkeeping and more.

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Quantum AI WorkSpace Manager logo

Optimize, Transition, Reserve: Empowering Workplace Dynamics

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Explore our groundbreaking Workspace Management Solution that maximizes workspace utilization, streamlines resource allocation, and coordinates move and reservation management. Featuring mobile access and scalability, our solution also adapts to workplace needs to deliver seamless user experiences.

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Maintenance Connection logo

Multi-site, multi-industry CMMS/EAM software

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Maintenance Connection facility management software is a scalable, multi-site solution that helps businesses avoid asset failure. Our web-based CMMS/EAM offers comprehensive work order management, preventive maintenance scheduling and inventory management for businesses in a variety of industries.

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eSSETS logo

Cloud-based facility & asset management software

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eSSETS is a cloud-based facility management, maintenance management (CMMS), and asset tracking systems with a major focus on ease of use. SmartQ(tm) allows employees and other stakeholders to submit service requests. Dispatch function provides for work assignments to staff and/or contractors.

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Upper Hand logo

Innovative sports and fitness software

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Upper Hand is a leading provider of sports and fitness management software that enables businesses to achieve more while doing less. Facilities, studios, and gyms use Upper Hand to operate more efficiently, increase customer satisfaction, and leverage real-time data for better decision-making.

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EMS logo

Maximize space utilization with EMS booking software.

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Accruent’s EMS room, event, and desk booking software simplifies facility management and space utilization for higher education facilities and businesses across industries.

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Limble CMMS logo

Modern mobile CMMS for companies and facilities of all sizes

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Limble CMMS is a web-based and mobile computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) designed for businesses with facilities of all sizes across a variety of industries. Key features include asset management, preventative maintenance management, and work order management.

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PegEx Platform logo

Waste management solution for disposal facilities & brokers

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PegEx Platform is a cloud-based hazardous waste management tool designed to help haulers, waste brokers, and disposal facilities mitigate risk, distribute tasks, and manage sales. Key features include revenue tracking, digitized workflows, work order management, and biennial reporting.

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Commusoft logo

All-in-one job management software for field service

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Commusoft is an all-in-one work order management software designed for the field service industry. We help businesses manage jobs, quotations, complex technician schedules, PPM, inventory management, invoicing, and customer communications, plus integrations with accounting and payment solutions.

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Planon logo

Real estate and facility management software

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Planon Universe offers an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) for corporate real estate, facility managers, service providers and financial professionals. It helps them streamline business processes for assets, workplaces, real estate, and employees.

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Maintainly logo

Asset, maintenance and work order management.

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Maintainly is a cloud-based CMMS (maintenance management system) that offers tools for asset and work order management. The platform aids businesses across industries including energy, hotels, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, and more with managing and executing asset maintenance.

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Sweven logo

Sweven is the work management digital ecosystem for you!

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Built on Amazon Web Services architecture, Sweven is the technological answer for newcomers and mid-sized companies in need to harness the full potential of their workflow and, at the same time, the best ally for multinational companies and government contractors to reach operational efficiency.

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EZOfficeInventory logo

Asset Tracking and Management Software

learn more
Facility Management Software w/ inventory tracking, POs, maintenance, QR Code/Barcode scanning, & RFID integration. Try It For Free!

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Asset Panda logo

Helping the world work smarter.

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Facility management platform, cloud based w/ mobile apps. Powerful easy to use and configure, affordable. Request a demo and a quote today.

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