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Helping Customers turn raw data into high value, actionable information.
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Every day, companies receive, generate or acquire new data in the forms of chats, emails, phone calls and internal documents. Within these largely free-form mountains of data exist the topics and areas in which opportunity rests simply waiting to be discovered. I am working with the people and companies who recognize the need to continually analyze and visualize the stories and topics scattered throughout these large pools of data. The people who understand that visualizing trends and understanding how thematic topics found across multiple independent data sources can improve Customer experience, brand recognition and overall company success.

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Director, North American Sales
Since April 2016

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Get your outbound business moving fast!  starstarstarstarstar  01/08/2016

It is difficult to manage the myriad responsibilities involved in getting an outbound sales campaign started. From who, to what titles, to what messaging, to what next - there is a seemingly endless set of decisions. With KiteDesk, we were able to quickly and easily identify the right roles in the right organizations in the right market sectors on day 1. In fact, we went from 0 to 740 outbound mailings the first day using KiteDesk and have been rolling on continuously since then. If fast, easy and effective is your goal - KiteDesk can help you get there...FAST.


Easy to use interface that allows you to quickly and easily identify roles, companies and industries that fit your marketing strategy. The ability to get those identified contacts into a mailing list format and upload them into SalesForce without some crazy process is awesome. I don't have time to fuss around and KiteDesk lets me get from login to mail campaign quickly and easily.


These aren't cons so much as small opportunities. Tell me what source my prospects are coming from and also let me automatically return bad leads in bulk. That's all folks - everything else is great.

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Recommendations to others considering KiteDesk

Do not hesitate to get KiteDesk. We considered Oracle and SalesForce products before looking at KiteDesk and I can tell you without hesitation that bang for the buck with KiteDesk is way more than anything we could possibly have gotten with the others.

Why KiteDesk was selected over other applications?

KiteDesk is a simple addition to any marketing organization. It is low cost and provides the lead injection necessary to get a campaign up and running. For organizations that need constant lead generation but don't necessarily need to have something that really feeds a hungry and costly CRM system - KiteDesk is the answer.

The main use case

Lead Generation for outbound marketing campaigns.

How KiteDesk has improved the way our organization functions?

We have created a consistent and effective mechanism for transitioning from one marketing campaign to the next that allows us to move at speed and constantly feed the sales engine.


We are sending out thousands of emails per month compared to low 3 digits before KiteDesk. An order of magnitude increase in attempts is far greater in overall ROI than ever expected from the relatively small investment in KiteDesk licensing. We have not tracked sales origination yet but I can tell you that we've already gotten several new sales cycles started since switching to KiteDesk.

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