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Captive Insurance Consultant - CEO
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Area
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Our goal is to help companies lower insurance expense and manage their risk more efficiently through our tried and proven LEVER process: Learn - Educate - Value - Execute - Review. Customizable to fit our clients business requirements, our firm provides turn key captive insurance solutions for the reduction of risk exposure, diverse insurance coverage and asset protection to strengthen your business today and into the future. Our national platform delivers the best experts in the captive industry to our clients. We work directly through referrals and introductions from CPA's, Law Firms, Private Equity Funds and Bankers. Specialties: Captive Insurance Risk Management Strategic Consulting Business Development Finance

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You will not find a more supportive platform.  starstarstarstarstar  2015-09-26

I'll apologize for the lengthy review in advance, but hear me out. My company is small...7 employees, but growing. We rely on technology to help us serve our clients better while managing a very complex set of compliance requirements (on a daily basis) to meet regulatory demands. We needed a system that wouldn't force us to change our work flows to conform to theirs. We've found that with WORKetc. On the CRM and Project modules, we use them extensively for lead management, regulatory filings and then annual management of our accounts. I just can't explain the ease and natural progression of the Projects/Sub-projects/Tasks that support each of our just have to experience it. Recently, I thought I had...I'll call her "Susan" (Queen of WORKetc New Client Onboarding) on the "auto-progressing" when it came to moving on to the next sub-project after completing the previous one. Not going to happen, I'm thinking. Know what she said? "Yes, it will do that, but I think you might want to think about a different method that will be better for your process". She then launched into a series of questions about our business and how we worked as a team. What? Truthfully, customer service is what I want to finish with. As you can gather, I'm a huge supporter of this platform. I'm not paid to do this, not an employee, just a small business person trying to improve on what we do. To help with that, I really needed a system that was backed with superb customer service so they could help us identify the best way to use the system. Know of any platforms that provide that? Incredibly rare, but I found one. I've NEVER experienced the level of support that I've found here, and I've tried multiple platforms. WORKetc offers something called, "Quick Start". Let me save you some it. The cost is offset against the subscription, so it's a no-brainer! Save yourself a tremendous amount of headache...experience their service firsthand. I promise you won't regret it. If you'd like, reach out to me directly with questions or comments and I'll respond as soon as I can and share our best practices. Maybe it will help you, maybe it won't, but I'm a believer in WORKetc and want to encourage other creative users to join in and make it even stronger.


The support is second to none Complete linkage between data fields Adapts to YOUR workflow, not forcing you to use the systems The custom field options are amazing.


The UI could use a little "feng shui", but I know that's on the roadmap Honestly, I haven't found any true cons yet, but I'm looking!!

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