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Chief Innovation Officer at VeriShip
Kansas City, Missouri Area
Member since 12th of February, 2015
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I started in this industry as a software developer and have climbed the ladder becoming quite the jack of all trades. I have acted as a developer, engineer, architect, DB Admin, Systems Admin, Network Admin, IT Manager, Project Manager, Scrum Master, CTO, as well as sales, customer service, support and many other things too. I am well rounded, a good communicator, and a likeable guy. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and am continuously seeking new opportunities in business and life. My most recent experience has been working to round out our data science team as well as getting back to my data mining and coding roots. I am a huge proponent of data analytics and using data to solve problems. I believe strongly in using the best solution for the problem, even if the best solution is something I have no experience using. I have excellent problem solving skills and can analyze a situation and take action towards a solution without wavering quicker than most. I am definitely someone who checks his ego at the door and I don't need praise and publicity. I am someone who takes pride in a job well done and sleeps well at night knowing I did the best I could possibly do.

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Stackify Retrace Reviews
Performance (APM) for developers. All insights, one platform

DevOps out of the box!  starstarstarstarstar  12/02/2015

Until Stackify, there was no one tool to do monitoring, performance dashboards, log aggregation, and more. This same technology would come with 5 or more software/hardware products and 5 or more bills as well. Stackify does all of this in one package and provides you the actionable insights necessary to target problems when they happen and point you directly to where they are happening and all systems/software affected.


Log aggregation is by far my favorite feature. Beyond this, the dashboards provide the window directly to your systems, stacks and help interrelate software and hardware systems, even across multiple data centers and cloud sites.


Putting on my software engineer hat, I would like to have the ability to prescribe templates for how I want to view certain aggregations of logs for certain app stacks to better represent that stack right out of the box instead of having to select it each time.

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