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Andrew Ghelfi

Andrew Ghelfi

Marketing Development at KiteDesk
Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida Area
Member since 15th of September, 2016
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Our mantra is SMART PROSPECTING for the SHARP SALES PROFESSIONAL - It's our rallying cry to help sales people get back to spending more time with their clients vs. in software. We believe that sales people are more fulfilled when they are engaged in dialogue with companies whose problems they can solve. Specifically Kitedesk is delivering the following value to our clients: (1) reducing research time by sales and marketing (2) exposing and monetizing the tremendous value of relationships that exist within companies today (3) automating manual activities so that sales reps can spend more time selling (4) aggregating data from sources like email, calendar, social, telephony, crm and third party data technologies to help sales drive results and get better at selling each and everyday. For additional information please contact me at | | 608-769-3686 |

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Marketing Development
Since June 2016
Tampa, FL

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