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President at EYEMAGINE
Greater Los Angeles Area
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Inbound marketing involves a number of moving parts that must be optimized to generate success. It starts by understanding the Buyer’s Journey and Insights so you can create an online experience that will address their pain points and concerns. Preparing a content-rich strategy for attracting qualified sales leads through demand generation than nurturing them. I've been in marketing for 20+ years, but I am genuinely excited about leveraging the latest marketing strategies to generate new business for our clients. Specialties: Buyer Personas, inbound marketing, content marketing, demand generation, lead nurturing, marketing automation, KPIs and marketing analytics, closed loop marketing and account based marketing.

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HubSpot CRM - The Best Solution for managing your prospects and Customers  starstarstarstarstar  16/02/2017

For better or worse I have had the opportunity to work with most of the major CRMs throughout my career. HubSpot CRM is by far the most intuitive and provides all the functionality that you will need to mange your Sales Pipeline. One of the best aspects is how the CRM completely integrates with both HubSpot marketing software and their Sidekick products. I absolutely love the ability to be able to make and record calls directly to the CRM or being able to send a link to a prospect so they can schedule an appointment when my calendar has an opening.


It has the complete integration with HubSpot and Sidekick. The HubSpot CRM allows you to set templates for your entire team and have approved sales resources that your entire team can share with their prospects.


HubSpot is constantly improving and updating the CRM so often new features are added without much notice.

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HubSpot Marketing Reviews
Inbound Marketing Platform & Sales Software

HubSpot - First in Class MArketing Automation  starstarstarstarstar  29/12/2015

HubSpot was designed to be a fully integrated robust marketing automation platform and when the company introduced its Content Optimization System (COS) in 2014, it was a game changer. HubSpot was designed from the ground up to be an inbound marketing platform. The HubSpot COS enables you to do many things including, but not limited to, the creation and management of Demand Generation Campaigns, Content Marketing, and Marketing Automation, that can be targeted and customized for different buyer personas and different stages of the sales process. The HubSpot COS provides a website that is automatically responsive to all screen sizes. It has a drag-and-drop template builder and WYSIWYG for those who desire simplicity. It also accommodates virtually whatever functionality and vision your designers and developers might have for your website. It has fully integrated SEO, Social Sharing, Analytics, Landing Pages, Contact List, Email and Workflows into a powerful platform. It also seamlessly integrates into the most popular CRMs including Salesforce. For those who do not need all the bells and whistles that come with Salesforce, HubSpot has developed their own CRM that both aligns with the marketing process and allows for the tracking and automation of many sales processes. Imagine having a website that transitions to be unique for each buyer persona at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Each time someone visits your site they see new, fresh information that directly relates to their concerns and interest. HubSpot’s Contextual Marketing and Personalization abilities allow you to have a conversation with your website visitors. Each vertical you serve and every different buyer persona has unique pain points and concerns. So after you identify where a visitor fits, your site can morph to show them the information most relevant to them. Even the same individual will have different concerns and interests as they navigate from awareness to consideration and finally onto a buying stage. With HubSpot your site can be setup to show different information as they navigate this buyer’s journey. Your website is now having a conversation with each visitor.


Hubspot contextual marketing capabilities allows you to have a conversation with each buyer persona at each stage of the buyer's journey. It allows each website visitor to find exactly what they need to see in order to take that next step down the sales funnel.


The basic package is restricted to a small number of contacts. Once you start using HubSpot and seeing results you will need to move up to Professional or Enterprise

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