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Product information management (PIM) system

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4ALLPORTAL PIM is a product information management solution for small to large organizations that enables users to refine and qualify their product information. Users are able to edit, create, manage and optimize media-neutral product data, and enrich product information with additional texts, photos, videos, or supplier data to strengthen prospective customers’ purchase decisions.

4ALLPORTAL PIM offers centralized, media-neutral product data management that enables users to add and edit product descriptions, sales texts, and ad spots to product information, whether online or offline. With 4ALLPORTAL PIM, all product data is stored as master data independent to output mediums such as online stores, catalogues, brochures or apps. Organizations can import existing product information from Excel or CSV files into the PIM, add data to each product (including additional images or videos), change product names individually or across channels, and create new product groups within the system.

4ALLPORTAL PIM helps users to create and deliver channel-specific product information such language-specific product data, including product photos and sales texts, filtered by medium and region. Users can create different categories for different sales channels, organize and classify products, and assign editing rights to specific users. 4ALLPORTAL PIM can be linked to existing ERP systems for functionality such as to automatically display price information, including SAP and MAM systems to improve workflows such as for receiving product descriptions from suppliers, and more.


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4ALLPORTAL PIM screenshot: Enrich product data with additional photos, videos, supplier data and texts4ALLPORTAL PIM screenshot: Manage product data in a single, central location using the product information management module4ALLPORTAL PIM screenshot: Provide access to product information to specific members of the team


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Key features of 4ALLPORTAL PIM

  • Content syndication
  • Digital asset management
  • Data modeling
  • Data quality control
  • Master record management
  • Documentation management
  • Product data management
  • Include photos, videos, supplier data and texts
  • ERP integration
  • Import product information from Excel or CSV files
  • Change product names individually or across sales channels
  • Create new product groups
  • Language-specific product data
  • Filter by medium and region
  • Create different categories
  • Organize and classify products
  • Assign different editing rights to different users
  • Workflow management
  • Supplier and manufacturer integration
  • 4ALLPORTAL DAM integration
  • Product-specific fields
  • Version control
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Refine and qualify product information with 4ALLPORTAL PIM and manage all product brands and lines in a single PIM system.

Provide prospective customers with the product information they need to make a purchase by enriching product data with additional images, videos, supplier data and texts to strengthen their purchase decisions.

With the PIM system, automatically decide which product information to communicate in which format and via which channel quickly, simply and centrally in a single location.

Avoid publishing incorrect product information, reduce data sources, increase data quality, and manage all product data in a centralized location with 4ALLPORTAL PIM.

Import product information from CSV or Excel files into 4ALLPORTAL PIM, and integrate existing ERP systems such as SAP to have data price information automatically displayed.