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actiTIME use case: Tóbiás Földvári

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19th of July, 2016
A decent time-tracking software

We made a comprehensive search for an application, which covers our needs in the sense of time-tracking. After examining at least 30 software, we ended up using ActiTIME, which (according to us) happens to be the best choice suits for us.

What do you like best?

- mobile application with timer function - easy-to-use UI

What do you dislike?

- timer function in browser version - more sophisticated reporting features would be needed

If so, why did you switch?

We used an own-developed time-tracking software, but there were no capacity for further development, but some features got indispensable.

What is your main use case with actiTIME?

We mainly use ActiTIME to track our employees times spent on various projects.

Give one example how actiTIME has improved the way your organization functions

We got better information about who worked how much time on what project. With this information, employees could be brought to book for the missing times.

What is your ROI?

We can invoice more time, and connection with this: employees report less 'dead'/not billable hours. More hours means more money.

Likelihood to recommend


Recommendations to others considering actiTIME

We tested the application for over 30 days. Within this free period, we tested all the use-cases that should be covered.

Time used

Less than 6 months

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